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teary-eyed SI phone call


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I still have two letters tucked neatly away that my daughter wrote when she was away at 12...






One addressed to her cat, and one to her dog!!!





(WE recieved none that year)

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Two years ago, a teary eyed good-bye when I dropped off my 13 yr old dd at her first away-from-home SI program. One year ago, no tears at the good-bye and drop-off at dd's away-from-home SI program, but daily phone calls to mom & dad and her friends. This year, again, no tears at the good-bye & drop-off and so far very short phone calls and rushed answers with comments like "gotta run mom" (along with the teenage "attitude"). :)

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12daisygirl. The cat and dog letters must be wonderful, I think it typical they got letters rather than you. I think last year, at our house, the pets were missed more than the people.


For my DD's homesickness is real. It's expressed so differently by both. Do any of you hear a complaint about other girls never talking about anything but ballet. For two years I'v heard this from both girls. Last night my youngest was climbing the walls in need of none ballet conversation. This too will pass, I hope!

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DS has commented that the girls seem to be a bit more ballet-focused at the SIs than the guys seem to be. By week two or three he gets tired of it, too. But this is also true of his home studio, too. Long rehearsals with nothing to talk about but ballet eventually gets to him. But he's been criticized, sometimes a bit sharply, for bringing up other topics. Something about if he really loved ballet that's all he'd be focused on. I think one of the many great things he finds about SIs is that he can spend time with people (mostly guys and the occasional girl) who love ballet but who also have other interests and aren't afraid to talk about something non-ballet related. They can be focused during class but, after 8 hour days, it's OK to be boys/young men afterwards. I think it's great that so many people can be focused so intensely - but I've accepted that DS is not one of those. He has multiple interests, and that's OK. It produces a much more well-rounded soon-to-be adult. We also take this into consideration when making decisions regarding SIs and choose one that has adequate entertainment factored in!

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Along the lines of letters to the family pets, after talking to her younger brother last night, my daughter asked him to hold the phone up to the dog's ear for a few minutes before I got to get on the line with her - precious!

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My DD just came home from nearly 6 months in London. The dog went crazy and followed her around the house, waited at the bathroom door, wanted to sleep on her bed and sat next to her on the floor with a paw on her leg for several days.


I do think that he missed her as much as we did....we had had phones calls when he had not!


It is great to have mine home and taking classes at the local SI for a few weeks before the international travel starts again.


Seeing her sleepy face at breakfast is such a gift to me now!

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Well, I received the opposite of the teary eyed phone call last night! No call, no text, no nothing! Hopefully no news is good news. Oldest DD is in Boston and having too much fun I think!

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Gentle Reminder:


Please posters, this is a generic thread about a generic issue. For discussions and exchange of information regarding specific SIs (e.g. Boston SDP :thumbsup: ), please take those over to the appropriate thread in the SI forum. I've moved the last several posts over there.

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Well...I just got a teary-eyed call. The first trip to the pool and she rips the skin off the top of her big toe before she even gets in the pool and they told her she shouldnt do pointe today. She was feeling a little better this morning when she found out there was a girl on the floor above her that is in the hospital with a staph infection so she decided a day without pointe wasnt so bad. Of course knowing a girl in her dorm has a staph infection does not make me feel better.


Aside from that she is having the time of her life.

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That stinks, doesn't it? My daughter came down with a bladder infection and had to be taken to the doctor on Wednesday. She was mortified, mostly because she had to sit around all day and miss class! She was back at it the next day, a little sore, but able to participate. I got several teary phone calls (as did her dad, her grandmother and her brother -- no doubt she would've called the dog if he'd have been here!) during that time. And the thought of a thorough physical exam without me present almost paralyzed us both! THank goodness it wasn't necessary. I'm sure her toe will heal quickly, with the right care. She'll be back in those shoes pronto.


(And that is scary about the staph infection!) :)

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No teary eyes but a bit of concern from dd. She had a cracked toenail prior to leaving. She had it taped but it still began bothering her the 2nd day of her program. I guess it got pretty painful. It was suggested she see the physical therapist and maybe a podiatrist. DD said someone told her that the podiatrist would probably remove the whole nail. :green: First thing I said was no....no one was removing her toenail. 2nd...don't do anything until I do a bit of research and call dd's podiatrist. She said it was pretty painful but was doing pointe anyway.

I checked out the trusty BA past posts and googled cracked toenails right away. I called dd and she said she had already met with the PT and she said a trip to the podiatrist was not necessary. She needed to cut the nail down, tape it and wrap it with lambs wool or something similar. DD also said her shoes were a bit too soft which didn't help.

I told dd to give it until Monday, keep it taped over the weekend and see how it goes. She is still dancing on pointe so it really can't be that bad, right? :):green:

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Thanks dazedandconfused. I know she will heal quickly its just hard on her and she hates even missing one class. I talked to her at lunch today after her pointe class and she was fine, didnt really complain at all so I guess she is learning how to deal with it. This is something I know we will probably face many times in our years of dance ahead of us. Luckily she doesnt have pointe tomorrow and has sunday off so hopefully she will be back in those shoes by monday.


Redstorm I hope your daughters toe gets better. I really think they are willing to go through a lot of pain for those shoes sometimes.

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Thanks tracym! I am hoping the suggestions from the PT and me worked. I haven't heard anything...but that doesn't surprise me...so no news must be good news!

Dazedandconfused: I hope your daughter is feeling better. Bladder infections are a real bummer and to have one when you are away from home....that's a double bummer! :clapping::thumbsup:

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Thanks Redstorm. She's doing much better today. Now if she'll just not skip any of those important doses of antibiotic in all her hurry and flurry! :thumbsup:

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Guest balletandsynchro

Texting works best for my DD. Usually we don't hear from her by phone unless she needs something, had an exceptionally fantastic day, or had an exceptionally crummy day. Picture messaging is fun too - we got a text with a photo of her and her roommate! Best of all, we have a great plan with unlimited text messaging, and 20 pix messages per month!

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