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how to prevent from being sore???


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Don't overwork. Especially at activities you may not be familiar with.

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Drink lots and lots of water. Try takeing a hot bath with epsum salt {it's either epsum or epsom}. You can get it at a grocery store and it comes in a box. Hope that helps!

<3 Cali

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I'm 17, so delete if inappropriate.


What I've found to help me out after a long day for classes that I'm expecting to be sore after is to first take a hot bath and try to massage the muscles that I feel like really got worked- trying to get that lactic acid out! After the bath, I hop into a shower, starting out with it really nice and warm and then working down to a very cool temperature to (hopefully) cool down my body slowly. I've found it to work like a charm. If a bath isn't an option, then I'll just do it all in the shower.

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I don't know if I am allowed to post on this or not, but Arnica rub works really well for sore muscles. If you are already sore, it will help lessen the soreness. And it can prevent you from being as sore the next day if you think you will be sore. It really does work wonders. I apply it three times a day or more. I also make sure to stretch and massage my muscles often. In addition to staying hydrated, eating foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, raisins, and carrots, will help.

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Also try and do a cool down after your class so that you're body doesn't just stop moving suddenly and Sombra works wonders on sore muscles.

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I was about to ask about this! :D Thank you guys! I've been really sore from my SI lately.

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The only way I don't get sore is if I don't overwork myself. :) But if I do get sore, a hot bath usually does the trick. :angry:

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HEAT HEAT HEAT HEAT!!! That always relaxes sore muscles for me. Also mini-massages from a tennis ball work really well too!

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