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I came across a trailer for this rather unusual ballet movie... but alas, I don't speak French... Can anyone tell me anything about it? Is it Sleeping Beauty?


Aurore Trailer


Here is what looks like an official website for the movie, with excerpts... it doesn't look like Sleeping Beauty...



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Here is a plot summary:


The year is 1909. In the village of Sainte-Philomène de Fortierville, Marie-Anne Caron, wife to Télésphore Gagnon, gives birth to their second daughter, Aurore. The child grows up in a loving and happy family, but in 1918 her mother dies of tuberculosis. Shortly after, Télésphore Gagnon decides to remarry, having fallen under the spell of his beautiful cousin, Marie-Anne Houde. Marie-Anne is not the devoted stepmother everyone takes her to be, however. Following the death of Aurore, a coroner's inquest reveals that the young girl had died of blood poisoning, brought on by the horrific abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepmother. The sensational trial which followed these revelations had a profound and lasting impact on Québec society. Aurore depicts an almost-forgotten period and social milieu of Québec's history, finally giving voice to those who, at the time, knew what was going on but preferred to remain silent.


I'm completely intrigued and want to see it....I got the information from IMDb: IMDb

Thanks for posting about it!

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Clara, I'm very sure that's a different movie... same name, but different movie. This movie isn't set in 1909.

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Aurore was released in France in march 2006 or something like that ; it's based on a scenario by Nils Tavernier, who has already produced a number of "ballet movies" ;

summary of the plot : Aurore is a young princess, and a rebellious one : in her father's kingdom, dance is forbidden, but she can't help it : she must dance. Then she falls in love with an unsuitable boy....


the young princess is a pupil at the Paris Opera Ballet School, and her mother (in the film) is Carole Bouquet, famous french actress;

some choregraphies are by Kader Belarbi,an Opera dancer, and Carolyn Carlson ;


i have only seen pârt of it myself, but the music is nice, and the movie appeals a lot to aspirant ballerinas aged 10 to 12...

a book in french has been written by Anne-Marie Pol, a french writer of children's books, from the scenario ( cf www.pocketjeunesse.fr)



if you want more info, I live in Paris...you're welcome to ask

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Sorry- I was just trying to help and I googled 'Aurore' before I looked at your links. I found that info on IMDb and thought it was the same story (only obviously not set in 1909...)

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if you want more info, I live in Paris...you're welcome to ask


I'd love to know if it comes out on DVD, please let us know.

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Salut Minty! Can you list a few of the "ballet movies" by Nils Tavernier that you referred to in your earlier post?


I've had success with the mail-order movie rental companies as far as their foreign film selections. Drawing a blank on the most popular one at the moment. :blink:

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One film by Nils Tavernier is called "Etoiles--Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet" and is available from Amazon.

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That's the one I was thinking of; the title in french is "Tout près des étoiles" ; I think the other one I saw was only for tv, and I can't remember the title ;

as for Aurore, it hasn't been released on dvd yet, but I'll let you know ... the soundtrack is available on amazon.fr though :lol:

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Merci mille fois minty! I have already seen POB Les Etoiles, but am looking forward to the Aurore release.


Personal opinion coming. Vive la France!! Bring home the trophy on Sunday! We will be watching in Texas. :lol:

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