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studios/ballet schools in York/Leeds (UK)

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Guest antonella


I hope someone is able to help me.

I'm looking for studios/ballet schools in the area York/Leeds in the Uk. I saw that there are quite a few but maybe someone can suggest me a specific one.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi! I do know of the Yorkshire dance centre in Leeds. From little_dancer123 x :huepfen:

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Hi Antonella,


My former flatmate is from the Leeds area and is now living in York. I know she said that, for adults classes, the pickings were slim and she sometimes travels to Leeds for a class. That said, I think she has a list of the studios she's found in the area, and if you have yet to find anything, I could try to get that from her.


You may also want to check the RAD listings?



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I recently posted almost the exact same question on the Adult Ballet Students' Buddy board - how strange!


I used to live in York and am going to be back there for a holiday in a couple of weeks. I not going to bother trying to find classes in York this time - I was not impressed last year, but then I am spoilt where I live now! I would advise you not to bother.


I thought I might try out Leeds if I get the chance, though I'll be very busy. The Yorkshire Dance Centre was recommended to me on the other forum - you might want to check out the topic. :grinning:

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I used to live in York when I was at Uni and I sometimes went to Leeds for dance classes (tap and flamenco) but not for ballet. They were very good, though.

I used to do ballet at Isobel Dunn's school of dancing - I think the name might be changed to 'dance centre'. It is right in the centre of York opposite superdrug (if it hasn't moved) between Coney St and Parliament St.

I don't know if you are looking for open classes, or syllabus classes and at what level, but there are adult ballet classes at different levels. Mainly beginners and Intermediate roughly speaking.

I was just getting back into ballet, after having been away from it for about 5 or 6 years at the time, so I wasn't a beginner but neither was I very strong yet. I thought Miss Dunn was a great teacher - a real old school ballet mistress - and I would recommend her classes if you like that kind of teaching.

Probably not for you if you are really advanced, not because you wouldn't be well taught, but because you might feel a bit out on your own.

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Unfortunately, it appears that Yorkshire Dance Centre doesn't have classes during the summer. :angry:

Their season runs from October 1 through June! I am going to ring them tomorrow to confirm this and will post the results. I am so disappointed if this is true. I was looking forward to trying their ballet class in August when my Wednesday evening became free.

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I tried Isobel Dunn a couple of summers. I found the adult ballet class a real rush job - 15 minute barre, with no time to draw breath between exercises (as in, leave the tape running) - it was more aerobics than ballet. I sense that things might not always have been like that with her, though. She certainly has a good reputation.

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I am also going to be in Leeds for a few weeks at the end of the summer! Although I am going there to dance, it will be almost entirely contemporary, I think. i should probably also find some ballet classes to take. Does anyone know of a good advanced class?


Poppy- Did you (or anyone else) manage to find out if the Yorkshire Dance Centre holds classes in the summer? October seems very late to start back.



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