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ABT Swan Lake Album

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Guest juliet03

When I click the link, it says the album I am trying to view either does not exist or I do not have user privileges....??? I really want to see them! :D

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It appears that you may have to register on his site in order to see them now...


And to ABTBluebird, and anyone else who's getting insecure about seeing photos,

STOP IT. NOW. There will always be someone better than you so get over it. You must work up to your own personal best- if you consistantly compare yourself to others you will stay mired in mediocrity. Rise above all of that nonsense, and you may find yourself having a career as a ballet dancer.


Insecurity is about as useful as trying to put the pin back in the grenade. Brandon Boyd, lead singer- Incubus

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I knew that I shouldn't have posted that comment; I will edit my post to delete it. Thanks for the insight, I should stop comparing myself to others.

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Good for you!!!!! We mustn't let our insecurities get the best of us- we have the brain power to overcome them, and overcome them we must!! Let's celebrate our own unique talents.

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Does anyone know if poster size prints of these pictures are available for purchase?

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Does anyone else know how to sign up? I clicked on login and nothing came up for people wanting to sign up.

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ABT is selling the photo album:



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Clara 76,

Are you sure those are the same pictures? Since I'm unable to access the Swan Lake album on Gene Schiavone's website, I can't see them, but I assume they are photos he took himself. The ABT Souvenier book to which you refer contains photos taken by Fabrizo Ferri (and not all are Swan Lake). :)


P.S.--The photos in the ABT Souvenier book ARE stunning, though!!

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I don't see any Swanlake pictures there but I see a lot of other lovely pictures on that site. The pictures are very, very, pretty and the dancers are great (also the photographer must be great!) Thanks a lot for sharing them with us.

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