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ABT Swan Lake Album

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Clara 76

Yeah, I wondered that too. The photos of the official ABT Swan Lake album are from Fabrizio Ferri, but perhaps Gene Schiavone took some as well??? Maybe ABTBluebird can clear things up for us.


In any case, the ABT album looks interesting and I have enjoyed looking at Mr. Schiavone's photos as well. :D

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The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! thank you! :thumbsup:

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I received the ABT book as a gift, and the photographs are gorgeous. Just to clear things up, even though it has a Swan Lake photo on the cover, inside are portraits of each principal, some depicting various ballets and some posing randomly. All the photographs are taken by Fabrizio Ferri. His background as a fashion photographer shines through, as these are not your typical ballet shots (as you can see from the cover!). There are also group photographs of the soloists and the corps. It is a lovely book for anyone who enjoys ABT! :thumbsup:

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Clara 76

Thank you, Amy'sMom!

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