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Am I extending correctly?

tutu cutieface

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When I do my front or side extensions, I really feel my hamstring when im in passe. Then while im extending, and I hit attitude, I can see my quads become defined and I feel them working. So am I over engaging my quads too soon? I know they have to help me straighten my leg, i am just worried that i am using them to soon in attitude.




I also really feel my hamstring and rearend on my standing leg(but im guessing that is a good thing, as it means im holding my turnout?)

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My suggestion is to ask your teacher to take a look at what you are doing. Without seeing you it is difficult to say. How you are standing up (body placement) has so much to do with opening your leg correctly in any direction. When muscles engage and one is striving to lengthen more, turn out more and lift one's leg higher, the student/dancer will indeed feel the muscles working. Visable definition of muscles can be a good thing too. :thumbsup:

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