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Contemporary and free dance

Holly Golightly

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Hope this is the right place for this thread...


This winter I went with my teacher to a choreograpy competition (she is a judge, and my group was there just as guests to open the soirees). Among the different sections I noticed that there were two separated ones fo Contemporary dance and for Free dance.


What is the difference between them? Is there one, none, or an historical one?



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One would have to see the standards for the performance to understand just what is meant by "free dance". Even within one method (RAD), the terms "free movement" and "free exercise" mean vastly different things!

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I thought there was actually a *standard concept* - just to give you an idea - of what a "free dance" would be, but from your reply I can infer there actually is no such thing in the *international language of dance*? :)


I am asking because a series of things made suspect it was, to be true, a sort of "invented" category for performances which didn't really seem to fit anywhere? Even if seeing them I didn't notice extensive differences from those presented for the Contemporary section - but this happened for other sections as well, and maybe depends on the fact that this year's things were quite weak - my teacher too sounded very appalled :cool2: by basically 90% of them...


What would be a definition for "contemporary", instead?





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That's not such an easy question either, unfortunately. :cool2: Sometimes the terms 'modern' and 'contemporary' are used interchangeably and refer to dance usually done without shoes in one of several 'modern' methods such as Graham, Horton and others. Modern dance seeks to express complex emotions and feelings through movement.


Contemporary 'ballet' is something quite different. This usually refers to new ballet works, as opposed to the classics. It is usually done on pointe or in technique shoes and employs the same technical standards as classical ballet.

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If I saw "free" as a category in any dance presentation, I would assume "free from training". :cool2:

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When teaching RAD children's grades I find the younger pupils often have a problem with the concept of "Free Movement" too. They are often disappointed to find they are still set exercises not "make up your own to the music".

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If I saw "free" as a category in any dance presentation, I would assume "free from training". :pinch:


LOL! :angry: That sounds more or less like what my teacher said!


I don't know about the RAD concept of free movement because I am not RAD taught :blushing: ...


I guess the use we make of the term contemporary dance corresponds to what balletbooster said - that's at least what I usually understand when I see that term used.


I don't know, instead, if there is anything like "contemporary ballet" in the Italian language to refer to original choreographies using classic technique. maybe a useless note, but that's the language student in me :angry: !



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