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Neck problems..


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About a a week and a half ago i pulled a muscle in my neck during a jazz class. I went to the doctor and she said it was a small pull and told me to take some anti-inflamatory medecine every 6 hours for the next couple of days. She said if it still wasn't feeling any better then i needed to go see a specialist. Well its been over a week now and it feels like 98% better. I feel like im going crazy not being at class for so long!! I was invited to go take a class downtown with a dance friend {{I live near Chicago}} but my mom dosen't think I should go because im not 100% healed, plus i leave for my summer intensive in about a week. Is it ok to go take class again because i feel basically healed?

Sorry if this is hard to decide on the computer but i just thought I'd get someone elses view.

Thanks in advance!


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