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The discussion on Aurore made me think about a dvd released in France this year, called :

Mlle Bessy la force d'un destin


it's a film about the famous étoile Claude Bessy, and it's very interesting;


incidentally, I'm just taping "la fille de l'ambassadeur" (the ambassador's daughter ?) on cable, and I see that there's an extract of Swan lake by the Paris Opera Ballet starring ...Claude Bessy ...she's about sixty now, so the film must have been made about forty years ago


also, the dvd Le Best of de Maurice Béjart ....



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Thanks Minty- keep 'em coming!!!! :)

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just thought of another one non-frenche people may not know : it's called L'age heureux , and it's adapted from a book by Odette Joyeux, a former ballerina anc actress ; it's the story of a young girl petit rat at the Paris Opera ; the film was made in 1966

there's also 4 DVD with the title L'age en fleur , sort of a sequel to L'age heureux


in another style the documentaries by Dominique Delouche , especially one called Maïa, with Maîa Plissetskaia, Marie-aGNES gILLOT, Céline Talon, Yann Saiz

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