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My first and own choreographed dance on stage!

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I just have to let someone know!!!


Since this year, I started teaching one group (RAD grade 7) and I was asked to make a dance for the final year performance. Since the theme of the performance was 'From Africa to America' I was asked to do something with charactere.


I made an hungarian dance for them on music from Swan Lake.


Today was the performance and it looked so good and awesome. Of course some little things could have been a tiny little bit better, but I thought it was one of the best dances I saw :D!!! I was just so happy with my students and because it was my first choreographed dance for students (13 in total), it made me feel proud that I was able to make it and get the result I saw!!!


Sorry if I brag too much about it, but I don't mean it that way! Just wanted to share my happiness!


(BTW, didn't know where exactly where I should put this, but since I'm most active lately in the adult boards, I thought it would fit here! Please move if necessary!)



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Congratulations, skip! That's a big achievement, and one that can be very rewarding. Very glad to hear that it went so well! :D

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Ms. Leigh, thanks for your kind words!!! And yes, it felt very rewarding, seeing them dance and hearing the applause afterwards!



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Congrats Skip! :D:thumbsup::D


I have choreographed two pieces that have been performed and it felt good but they weren't very difficult because both were for very young children. I want to choreograph some more complicated pieces. I am majoring in nursing in college too! Wow you are the only other nursing student that I have seen on this board!

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Hi Tiffany!


These girls were a little bit older (around 14-17). I heard from the boss of the school that she liked the dance very much, but that it didn't look like it was easy!


I'm not always making it easy for them....and besides they were challenged and did a great job!


What a coincidence that you're a nursing student as well. Just finished my first year and can't wait to start in the hospital next year! (I already got a job while still in college....they pay my tuition and books for the coming 3 years and I work for them and combine work and school. it's a way to finish your degree here in Holland, very welcome as I don't have the financials to pay everything myself!)



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