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to perform or not to perform


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So heres the deal guys:

I went away for a year to major in ballet at the University of Utah (one of the worst decisions of my life!) and have come home (Dallas, TX) to train and stay in shape before auditioning for some regional companies in the spring. I am a 19 year old male dancer and have been dancing for 6 years. Though I've had some experience with Modern Dance I am strictly classically training. As far as methodolgy goes my training has been primarily of the balanching persuasion. An old teacher of mine contacted me recently about a potential job. A former San Francisco Ballet dancer he has taken over the position of Artistic Director at a small professional ballet folklorico company. Though "ballet" is in the title of the company, until now they have only performed traditional South American themed pieces. Considering his ballet background, my old teacher jumped at the idea of an Aztec themed "ballet". The choreographer claims to have background in ballet as well as folklorico. After auditioning and signing a contract to dance the lead in the piece I am having second thoughts. The first rehearsal was a bit of a dissappointment. Firstly, the floors are atrocious! Sprung wood floors that have huge gouges and splinters in them. Really awful. The choreography itself is decent but the choreographer doesn't seem to have a grasp of ballet. By this, I mean that he doesn't know the name of certain steps (example: he says chaine for soutenu) and cannot express in words the positions he is looking for. After this first rehearsal I've basically just taken what he's showed me and translated it into ballet. He seems very happy to work with me and the idea for the ballet is very unique. I feel apprehensive about dancing in a piece where I understand more about ballet than the choreographer and dont feel comfortable with some of the movement. I'm torn because though i have negative thoughts about the whole thing my old teacher knows me really well and I dont believe he would put me in a situation where I wouldn't look my best. This will also be my first time to get paid to perform. The performance venue is also very nice and I've always wanted to dance there. So what do you guys think? Any ideas on how to deal with this? What would you guys do? Any ideas are much appreciated!

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This might sound crazy but I think I know the choreographer of the ballet folkorico. Though, it may not be the same person. If I were you, I'd stick it out for a bit. If you don't like it after a few months then maybe think about doing somthing else. Dallas is huge and there is no doubt you couldn't dance somewhere else.

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