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Ballet Austin trainee Program

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I am not exactly sure where to post this but my son is looking for an apartment in Austin for this upcoming year - he will be a trainee/apprentice with Ballet Austin. Ideally we would like to avoid buying a car at least at this point and so would like to find an apartment either near the ballet or on a bus line. Is this possible in Austin? Do you have any suggestions of good neighborhoods in which to live?


We have both been looking on the internet and although we have done this before in another city, this seems to be a more difficult search. There are lots of complexes but I think he would prefer not be be around a bunch of partying college students. Any hints or tips are welcome. Thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback everyone I am really a novice at this and am trying to help my daughter as much as I can. Since this post I have some new information. They have accepted 14 trainees, Four from last year and ten from this summer intensive. I am refering to the females. They also took 10 males. There is no salary and we pay for the year of training, which I expected. They expressed interest in my daughter's style. While she has had classical ballet and pointe for years, she really excells at jazz which was offered once a week at her studio. ( She also sings and loves tap) She is really excited about this company.

They gave us a housing list and I am researching this. Any info? she will have a car.


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How many apprentices dance for Ballet Austin? and how many at the corps level? Do trainees stay an average of one vs two years? I was surprised at the number (25) of trainees. How many trainees were elevated from within to apprentice or corp at Austin this past year, are the year before? Are pointe shoes provided? Are dancers paid for performances they dance in at all?


Thanks for the info

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I don't think the trainees at Ballet Austin are ever paid for performances. And yes, generally they pay for their training. On occasion scholarships are offered, some need based and those dancers generally assist at the front desk of the academy one night a week.

As far as stats of which trainees recently were offered apprenticeships, and on into the company. This upcoming season 9 out of 20 full company members were members of Ballet Austin II, however I believe only one of those was ever a trainee, and she was a trainee for 2 years and an apprentice for one before being hired into the main company. I think every year at least one (sometimes 2, this year 3) dancers from Ballet Austin II were promoted to Ballet Austin. In recent years most of the company's new members have come from BAII. I believe that this year, two members of Ballet Austin II were trainees for two years prior to their apprenticeships.

There IS a big turnover rate among the trainees. I think generally BA asks back anywhere between 4-7 of them, the rest move on to other companies or other interests.

I've always believed that this is one of the most difficult and critical times in a budding professional's transition. Because it's at this point that you find out or decide if this career really is for you. You may find that this is what you want to do, but that Ballet Austin isn't the company for you, or you'll find out that it is. Either way, generally a traineeship is just that, the last stages of "training" (although we always keep learning don't we?). And the experience can still be truly beneficial. I don't think I ever learned so much as I did my first year out of high school when I was a trainee with a company. I came from a small school, with only a preprofessional company and the experience I had watching, and sometimes participating, in a professional atmosphere was such an eye-opening experience.

And now that I've babbled on and on again, I'll get off my soap box :P

Congratulations to all of your sons and daughters on their positions, I look forward to meeting them all in a few weeks :D


PS To the parent(s) looking for housing nearby, generally if you go south of the studios you are going to get into a lot more university housing. I knew some dancers who lived in the Hyde Park area alittle north and about a block east of the studios. They were within walking distance, but often they just chose to drive :rolleyes: There are still UT students (everywhere really) but perhaps not as concentrated north.

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There hasn't been any posts on this thread in 18 months. Does anyone have a dancer there now? Can you elaborate on their new studio space, performance opportunities, numbers, etc? Thanks.

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