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Knee Irritation

Guest Cojack

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Guest Cojack

A few weeks ago I noticed I was experiencing knee irritation for the first time. Can anyone suggest whether I should avoid certain activities in dance class?


I've been taking ballet class (soft shoes only; no pointe) twice a week for the past five years. I have pretty crappy turnout, which I've been trying to work on (since winter) in preparation for my second trip to the Richmond ADC soon. I suppose I could be trying too hard despite my instructor's watchful eye?


I also started a jogging routine in earnest this spring, as something in the jogging seemed to "click" this year. I got myself a good pair of shoes and started running about 9 miles per week, in addition to my ballet classes. After I noticed the knee irritation, I tried to rest my knee by avoiding the jogging. I'm hesitant to avoid ballet class, though, as I'm going to the ADC in two weeks. And I still have the irritation.


I notice slight irritation in ballet class only when doing grande plies in any position except seconde. Mostly the irritation is noticeable after activity, including ballet class, or when going up/down stairs. I move the joint while lying down to lubricate it until I hear it crack or pop, which brings some relief. The irritation is always painful when I'm sitting on the floor with my legs crossed over each other, which I often do in attempt to stretch out my hips which have felt tight lately (I've modified these stretches to less painful positions).


If this sounds familiar to anyone, or if you can suggest something I might try to help I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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Hi Cojack


as a fellow knee pain suffere and one who has worked through the pain and com eout th eother side I can only offer a few words of advice.

1) let your teacher know asap. She/he can watch you to see if you do any weird things.

2) do not do anything that causes pain in your knees. For me this meant grande plies in any position other than second, fondues and frappes.


If it hurts, stop doing what you are doing immediately. Do not worry about looking silly or feeling out of place. Your knees are worth more than your pride :D


I would also advise going to see a doctor who can recommend a PT who will then see if there is a problem. With me, the problem was my feet! My PT referred me to a podiatrist and got orthotics ( shoe inserts) fitted specifically for my feet, and the pain in my knees stopped almost immediately.



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Here's a good resource for pain caused by running, to see if that's what's giving you trouble:




See if any of these describe your symptoms and can offer some help. Also, if you go back to running, be careful that you focus on keeping your stride long since many running injuries are caused by short strides.


Running and ballet don't really work well together, for multiple reasons - it's possible that you're one of the many people who can't balance the two in a workout program, and your body is telling you that!

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