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Ankle Flexibility


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My 13 year old daughters right ankle is noticeably more flexible than her left. She has been working nightly with a theraband for about 6 months. She feels that her left ankle has not improved significantly. My question is this, she's only doing 2 types of exercises on each foot. The right side she does each exercise 30 times and the left 40. This does not seem adequate to me. Her instructors have told her that she has strong ankles, so that's not an issue. I'm wondering if there's a target number of repetitions that she should be working up to. Also, I believe she's using a medium weight theraband.

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Without seeing the student, and the type of exercise she's doing, it's nearly impossible for us to comment on whether that's too few, just enough, or too many! This is one where you're just going to have to trust the teachers and what they say for your student to do.

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