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improving my turnout

Guest gabby dances in the rain

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Guest gabby dances in the rain

I've been dancing for nine years now.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY would like to audition for the Harid Conservatory highschool.

The thing is that I dont personally feel i'm all that great of a dancer.

There are many many things i would like to improve. The major ones are my turnout, ALL my turns, and my extension [okay so pretty much everything...]


Does anyone have any tips on how to improve any of these three things??


If you do, please please please let me know!


Much thankz!!

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Hello gabby, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :thumbsup:


All of the subjects you ask about, turn out, turns, and extension, are things one improves daily in ballet classes. "Tips" are usually not going to make turn out better, pirouettes happen, or extension higher. Classes, working intelligently and with knowledge of what you are doing, why you do it, and how to do it correctly, and a lot of patience and perseverance are what will make these things better.


There are tons of threads on all of these subjects, so, enjoy yourself reading! :dry:

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Guest gabby dances in the rain

thank you very much.

yes, i realize that "tips" won't help me improve, and is probably the wrong word to use.

i was just wondering if there were any excercises [other than classes] that would help me improve.

thankz again.

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gabby, there are tons of turn out and extension exercises, but you learn them all in class. It's doing them daily and doing them intelligently, with purpose, that makes them work. Stretching when warmed up after barre and after class is best, and you learn the stretches in class. Working slowly and carefully on tendus and rond de jambes, with the best use of your rotation as the focus, will improve your turn out. But not overnight. It takes years.

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