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College and Company: Together?

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I am not sure if this belongs here, if not, please delete it.


First of all sorry for my english, understand that I am from Argentina and English is my second language :)


I am 17 years old and this year I will be studying for the first time in the Joffrey Academy Pre-professional Program level V. I was wondering if all the dancers go to college just in case they do not become a professional ballet dancer.

I read that many girls where looking for universities and I am kind of lost. I saw that, for example, a Trainee Program schedule includes 6 hours of training per day. So, how can they do both things?

Should I go to college too!?

I would like to know how common is to go to college while trying to be a professional dancer.

Do they go to college because the salary as a dancer is not enough? Are dancers salary enough?


SO many questions! hope you can help me.

Thank you in advance.

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Argballerina, I must congratulate you on your English! You have nothing to apologize for at all. :)


Your question is difficult, because there are many different ways that dancers approach the college years. Some of them delay college and just study dance, some go to a college that has a strong dance department and a major in dance, and some primarily study dance but take a course or two at a time instead of a full college program. There are no rules, and every young dancer, and their parents, have to figure out what the best route will be for them.

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Victoria Leigh, thanks!

You mentioned some courses that dancers may do instead of full time college. I know nothing about this courses, could you give me some more information. Are they about dancing or have nothing do to with it?

Thank you again

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They would be like taking one or two classes, in academic subjects, at a local college, without being enrolled as a full time student. Or, they could be done online.

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Ms Leigh.

Thank you very much for all the information.

I read many posts about Ballet Programs in college and which is better and all that stuff. What are this Programs? I mean girls study anything at the college and in the free time the do this program or in the university what they study is ballet? Here in Argentina this does not exist, universities do not have any dance program.

The ballet programs are carrers or like clubs in the universities?

Thank you in advance and sorry for SOOO many questions :blink:

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There are many colleges in the US which have Dance Departments. They have a major in dance, usually with an emphasis either in ballet or modern dance. Students enrolled in these programs have an academic program of study in addition to their ballet program. There are certain required basic academic courses for all college students, and the classes they take beyond those courses are primarily those related to their career choice, or "major".


Some colleges have very intensive ballet programs, with many hours of classes and rehearsals and performances. All of the schools require auditions for acceptance to the program, as well as to the college itself, and many are quite difficult to get into.

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