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"Why I Like To Dance!"


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As a parent I think it would be interesting to ask 'Our Children, Themselves' why they like to dance and post their responses. I think it could be very entertaining and informative for us and the children. Since children under 13 are not allowed to post by themselves, we could "Quote" their responses here and read to them the other children's responses.


Want to give it a try? Any parental comments or suggestions will be welcome, but this will be essentially a "Directly 'Quoted' Children's Respose To The Question--"Why Do You Like To Dance?" " (at first anyway).

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My 9 year old's response:


"Because then people can see ME."


And I don't think she meant simply being on stage - I believe she meant it as being a large part of who she is.


Oh, and by the way - welcome Buddy!

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I asked my 10 year old DS yesterday, he said "I love the movements, I love doing moves that I haven't done before" nothing more or less. :shrug:

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My 7.5 year old DS-- "Because it's fun!"


Me-- "Why is it fun?"


DS-- "Because I'm good at it!!"


I think I mentioned this on the parents of boys board, but I overheard him once tell his guy friends (who were harassing him about ballet)-- "I don't actually *like* ballet; it's just part of my Jedi Knight training!" Or something to that affect.

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I am rozin's dd

I like to dance because it's an outlet from busy school etc.

It lets me concentrate on something I really enjoy and am good at. :wink:

I love my teachers which helps and they always take care over faults. They never make me feel stupid.

I also love dancing because of the music I really like listening and then dancing to it! :thumbsup:


I :thumbsup: dancing!!!

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