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hyper extention


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My DD has been told that she has hyper extention in her legs (knees?). She was told to keep her feet apart in first to help achieve more turnout. She was also told that it was okay to do this because she needs to have straight legs. She is going to start intensive prepoint training monday. I am just wondering can this cause injury when she goes on point? I don't know that much and am learning as she goes up in levels. However, this point thing is a bit scary for me. I want her to be more than ready! She is twelve and has been dancing for 2 and a half years at a very good school where I trust the teachers. Any input?[/font]

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Sami, the hyperextension is not dangerous as long as she is being taught to work correctly. Her alignment and weight placement are critical to controlling the hyperextension, and a small space in first position is fine, as long as it is not exaggerated, which would lead to pushing into the hyperextension instead of lifting up out of it. I have to constantly watch my students who have this leg shape, as they will frequently allow the space to be too big. It should be as small as she can make it and still get her knees straight, but not locked back. If the space is too big, they will lock back, especially if she loses control of her pelvis.


If it's a good school and you trust her teachers, I would not worry about pointe work. :)

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THANK YOU! :D I know that I probably if worrying too much...but I am learning as we go. There have been so many horror stories that I have heard! I am thankful for another opinion :yes: Thanks again!

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