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I got to take four classes this past week as part of my studio's SI. It's an open SI--no auditions, so I was taking with 12-15-year-olds. I can't believe how much better and stronger I am already! The difference between the first class of the week and the last class was noticeable, at least to me. My center work improved soooo much--maybe because I felt more confident--I could actually relax my upper body enough to let my arms do nice things, instead of the rigid "wing & claw" thing I usually do.


So I told my husband that I HAVE to do this, and he has to help me, even when I say I don't feel like going. He said he was happy I asked for his help, and that he would check every day to see if I'm supposed to have class, and strongly encourage me to go. (Side note here--a lot of the reason I need to dance is because it helps so much with the major depression I struggle with. Since we can't mainline endorphins, ballet is the next best thing! :blink: )


So, anyway, it looks like I'll be able to do four classes a week starting this fall. I'm still working out the exact schedule--I may have to go to three different studios, but I'll get those four classes one way or another! What I'm really hoping for is that after this week of SI, which is the final week, the director of the studio will say I can go into Level V, which would be perfect. She told me before the SI that I could go into Level IV, but the classes fall on the only days I can't take them. :sweating: What we were doing in last week's classes was Level IV/V stuff, so maybe she'll see that I've improved enough to go ahead and try the Level V.


So I'm having a blast. I was all jealous after reading about the Richmond ADC, and I'd really like to do it next year, but I'm soooooo happy with what I've been able to do right here at home!


Hope everyone else's summer is going well, and that your fall plans are shaping up too. This will be the year we all ROCK, right???!! :yes:


Lisa (sorry--I don't usually use so many exclamation marks!! But I'm HAPPY!! :party::thumbsup: )

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I just gotta say it even if I don't know the correct spelling...


I wish I was doing the same, with convincing the hubby and all. 4 days! Yes!



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You go girl!!!


I wish I had someone to kick my backside when I slack off (figuratively speaking of course).

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