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What is the STRONGEST brand of tights??????


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I am in desparate search of the strongest pair og tights.I had some seeongly strong bodywrappers convertable tights but they got a run quickly around the seam at the toe material. I got some bloch full-footed ones and cut a small hole at the foot and stretched it so that they'd be convertables.This has been working for me but I was wondering if any1 else has had a SUPER strong pair????

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I really love the Danskin NYCB #602 tights. They are Nylon/CoolMax®/Lycra® Spandex, and have a convertible foot and have a back seam. They are super comfortable and they don't run at all. Plus they last a really long time! Best tights I have ever worn!!!!!!! :yes:

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In our experience, it has absolutely been the Danskin NYCB tights. Although Dd wears the seamless, convertible. The beauty is: Dd says they're the MOST comfortable as well. They cost a few dollars more than others, but are so durable it's worth it!

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I either use bloch or energetiks convertible ones, they're both microfibre and last ages, they're the only pairs that i've worn until they don't really stretch any more and are useless. I used to get ladders in my tights all the time, but in almost 2 or 3 years i think of these tights i've only got one laadder from a hook and eye during concert. The energetiks ones also have no gusset which is another plus.

I'm not sure if you can get energetiks outside australia though, so appart from that i'm go with bloch.


luv belle

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I have sort of a tight "fetish" one might say, so I've tried convertible bloch, bodywrappers, primasoft, gildamarx, eurotard, capezio nycb, and probably more :yes:

I'm also very hard on my tights because I'm not a very patient person so I just pull them on.

The tights that are absolutely amazing are the capezio stretch mesh ones that are convertible and have a backseam. no matter how much i pull or stretch them--they won't get even a single pull or a run. I've actually TRIED to do something to them but they're pretty much invincile. so . .that's what I have to say! :D

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Capezio have been the strongest I've found - 'pulls everything up and in' - ha ha! :D They're a bit too tight for me (even the xxl I couldn't stand! but I suppose they are supposed to be tight as they are tights!!)


anne :D

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I'd also like to add that the actual "tight" material on blochs is very sturdy [not as good as my mesh capezios though ;)] but the waist elastic tends to detach from the tights in various places over time! (in more than one pair and style I've tried)

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So far, I like Danskin tights the best. :) They seem to be pretty much run-resistant and last a really long time, except when I'm super careless and just pull them on without thinking. :D That's pretty much a guaranteed gigantic hole!

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I wear capezio and i like them...

except sometimes there will be a run and i have no idea where it came from :)

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I wear bloch and they have all lasted more than a year, but they seem to be very vulnerable to runs. The only time I ever got a hole in my tights was from stretching them too much.

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knock knock:

Danskin all the way! I use the Run Resistant #69 but it unfortunately seems to be discontinued- they are the best tights ever! Feel and look lovely and last real long even with daily dancing. Wash well, too.

If you can get your hands on some old stock of those buy them!

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