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Anik Bissonnette

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I'd never even heard of this dancer (I'm from the westcoast) but in the process of doing some research on dance in Quebec, les Grands Ballet Canadiens de Montreal came to mind. I wonder how I could have missed this star dancer, who is now about to retire at the end of this season. Apparently she was named "Officier of the Order of Canada and, in 1996, Chevalier de l’Ordre du Québec" in 1995 but does this have any important link to her role as danseause etoile? What has she meant for the dance scene in Canada Quebecois?

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I don't live in Quebec, but I did have the pleasure of seeing Ms Bissonnette dance at a gala in Toronto last year. She is a wonderfully talented dancer, and would be an asset to any company, not just one in Quebec.


Here is a link to information about the Order of Canada:




As you can see, it is a very prestigious award given for a lifetime's body of work (therefore I would assume that hers did have to do with dance). Other Canadian dancers have also been awarded the order of Canada.


Beyond that, I will let you do some more searching on the internet. I'm sure you will find quite a lot of information in your search!


All the best,



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I saw her dance about 15 years ago. She was absolutely stunning to watch. When she was on stage, I didn't even notice anyone else dancing...my eyes were just drawn to her. Beautiful technique and lovely, long limbs.




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Anik and her husband, Louis Robitalle, danced for Eddy Toussaint's Ballet Eddy Toussaint de Montreal back in the 80's. The company used to come to Florida for a few months in the winters, when I was teaching down there, and they rehearsed in our studios. Anik and Louis were Eddy's top principal dancers, and his "muses", so to speak. They were both beautiful dancers, but together they were totally awesome. He did amazing pas de deuxs fo them. They both had all of the attributes of the very best dancers you ever see, and it was really a wonderful treat for us, and for our students, to watch them working. Mr. Toussaint choreographed one of his major works, the New World Symphony, for Anik, Louis, and his company while in our studios. Anik has a twin sister, Sophie, and she was also a top soloist in the company.

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Wow! Uh-huh, this is the kind of stuff you don't just find sitting around the internet--someone who actually knows the someone. Thanks so much!


Thank you Mom 2 for the info on the order of Canada as well, this will hopefully be a key to my research. I'll let you know of the progress!

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Just another question about this--why is the company called LeS GrandS BalletS--plural. Grammatically it doesn't make sense to me why one dance company would be known in the plural sense but then I'm not a native French speaker. Does anyone know?

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Good question Animefleur. It really never crossed my mind why LeS GrandS instead of Le Grand. We just got used to it here, without wondering. I suppose Vincent Warren who is the "memory" of the company right now would tell you that. By the way, there is a biography just out of press on their founder, Ludmilla Chiriaeff; I suppose the answer would be in there, in french of course. I'll have a look and come back to you.



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More on Anik: there will be a "farewell" Gala held by the dance community for Anik on june the 6 in Place des arts in Montréal.



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