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RAD uniforms for boys?


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Is there a chart somewhere that lists required class and exam wear for RAD students (especially boys)? Our school is pretty good about stating what the girls must wear, but I'm a little confused about boys. Are all the "grades" black tights and white t-shirts? Sleeves or no sleeves? socks? black shoes or white? (My son and I are arguing about the shoes -- I was going to order black and he tells me I'm wrong.)


I'm particularly interested in what he'll need for grades 1 and 2, if that's different than the higher grades...


Thank you!

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For RAD Inter it's navy blue tights and a (very unflattering) white top (which looks more like a female peasant blouse - just tight fitted). But you can also wear just black tights and t-shirt for the exam

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The RAD requirements are navy shorts or tights depending on level with white short sleeved leotard or white T-shirt, white socks and white shoes. If a boy entered wearing black tights and black shoes, the examiner would probably point out to the teacher that this is not correct wear, but the child would not be penalised. In my opinion it is better to try and keep to the rules, so that the child won't be worried that he is incorrectly dressed.

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It used to be that the real little guys, Pre-primary and Primary, I think, wore black shoes, but those standards have changed.

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I always put my boys in in black shorts or tights white sox, white shoes, white tee shirt. Nothing has ever been said.

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Academy of


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