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How many times a week should I


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I have 1 ballet class and 1 pointe class a week and I am in the Dance Club at school which is an hour long everyday during lunch. I practice ballet at my dance club and I was wondering how many times a week I should practice on pointe at Dance Club.

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SPF1, I know this is not what you want to hear, but I'm going to be honest and tell you that you should not even be on pointe with only one technique class a week. Dance Club at school is not ballet technique, and students need a MINIMUM of 3 hour and a half classes a week for a long time before they should even see pointe shoes. After that, you add more hours for the pointe work. This is NOT something that can be done on your own. Find a good school and get classes and learn ballet before you dance on pointe.

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Ms. Leigh, what about dancers at small schools, with one or two ballet teachers, and the option of only 5 technique classes + 2 pointe classes? They are fine to do pointe work? Do they have a shot at a professional career, competing with those who study 5-6 hrs a day?


Oh, and if you're doing say, 2-3 classes a week, is it constuctive to do slow pointe work AT THE BARRE ONLY, at home?

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Five technique classes and two pointe classes are a LOT different than the schedule that the original poster described. Depending on your age and level, it could be quite adequate, although I would like to see a bit more pointe work on the schedule.


In terms of is it enough to make it, no way for us to know that. It depends on your age, the quality of the traiing, and your facility for ballet.

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LOL! Thank you, Kate :P But, when one has spent a lifetime in ballet, with study, performing career, teacher training, and over 30 years of teaching, one would hope to have some knowledge! :)

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