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Just read the doctor's thread and it made me wonder what other occupations you all partake in. Not sure if this has been done before but i thought i would throw this out there and see....


I work for a very well known british airline (clue is in the name :wink: ). I have been there for eight and a half years and two years ago i was promoted. I am nine times out of ten in charge of what happens with the service and manage from four to eight crew at a time and up to 215 passengers a flight. I forgot to mention that i am cabin crew (you probably guessed that) and my official title now is purser. I fly all over Europe and can be away for days. I bid for my day's off around my ballet classes which works out really well. For four months of the year i can be found at rehearsals for pantomime.....all done by cabin crew and all proceeds go to charity, at the end of every year i am exhausted as i have ballet twice a week, dance rehearsals for six hours a week and inbetween all that i have work, but do you know what, i would not change it for the world.


So what does everyone else do?


Skippy :D

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I'm a recent college grad. Sometimes it's just easier to say that.


I'm a historical transportation specialist/museum educator at a very large history museum (or group of museums, if we're going to get technical).


I love my job dearly. I truly do not love the fact that I've had the job since I was 16 and now that I've graduated with a bunch of letters after my name, I'm ridiculously underemployed. As are a lot of people who've been out of college 12 weeks. Such is life in the big city, I guess.


What do I do, in a nutshell? I can tell you more about locomotives, early Ford automobiles, and their impact on all aspects of society then you'd ever dream existed. My job has also taught me such valuable skills like how to drive a Model T, how to properly wear an 1880s day dress, how to know whether a steam engine was used for passenger or freight service, the background about the formation of the united brotherhood of locomotive engineers, and the formation of Ford Motor Company and the roles that Jim Couzens and Clarence Avery had in that business.


If I wasn't a ridiculously big history dork, I'd probably hate my job :D


I'm currently struggling to break my way into either historical resources and curatorial work or heritage site-museum administration. Right now, it could go either way, depending on what way grad school and the wind blows.

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I'm a Professor and Head of a drama department. So dancing is (almost) part of my job!!

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For me when I am not dancing, I work as a Front of House Manager, for Marine Insurance Company in the city of London. Having danced once for a living, I have now traded performing on the stage for running the show at reception.



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I work in IT taking care of a financial margin trading system. It's a "When it goes down either fix it or die" kind of job.






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I'm on the last week of my summer internship researching in an immunology lab at a prominent biomedical research institution in the Washington, DC area :wink:

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Well, I've already answered this on Dancing Doctors - I'm a PhD student. But I used to do your job, ashatNYU. I loved it and may well return!

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Boy, do I feel dumb. I do data entry for a private business. Just me and my boss.


No, I know I'm really not dumb. I've just never figured out what I want to do, and I don't have a college education. I love history and writing, so the natural thing would be a (drumroll here) writer of historical fiction, or biography. But I need a steady job. I've recently gotten in with a local county magazine and have written an article for the next issue, and am doing ad sales as well. It's not what I ever pictured myself doing, but I don't really care what I do to earn money as long as it leaves me enough time to do what I really love: ballet, needlework, writing.



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Network Security Engineer at a major Telecom company. You can see one of their buildings from the richmond ballet studios. (Hint hint) The company makes a donation when you volunteer at a non-profit corporation, like rehearsing for a ballet company's performance as a volunteer.

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I work for an attorney. Like spingirl, it's just me and my boss. My boss is great; she lets me off early on Mondays so I can go to ballet class. And to show you how really great she is, she paid for most of my airfare to go to ADC in Richmond this summer.


Outside of my regular job, I also accompany two choirs for which I get paid. I was a music major a long time ago, and this is more like play than work. It's almost as much fun as dancing.

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Haha ruby that's great! I love the concept of my job ... but can't stand the 9-5 cubicle life. I was actually thinking of getting my PhD!

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Wow...what an impressive bunch you all are!


Before I "retired" about 2 years ago, I had been involved in University Advancement (fundraising, event planning, etc...), then public relations/communications (for the same university) and then retired as Chief of Staff to the President. Am still involved at the University and sit on the Foundation Board as well as the board of a summer Shakespearean festival, where I focus on developing programs and relationships for private fundraising.

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