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I've been searching online for sites that might encourage my protégé and have not come across a lot.


One site I did find though was [site removed by moderator]

Has anyone found anything else?




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Actually, Dave, I thought that was what our Male Dancers and Parents of Boys forums were about. :shrug:


I removed the link to the other site, as we do not know that site, and we do not promote other sites here.

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See, Dave, the big problem with other sites for male dancers is that they aren't usually closely moderated. I can think of one site that looks all right when you just look at it, but when you get into the posts and read a few, you realize that there are some pretty grotty people on there, and not fit for juvenile consumption. Or anybody's, for that matter.

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Sorry about that. I had a look at the site, and it not only had biographies by young male dancers in their own words (which after a cursory scan seemed perfectly fine), but a gallery of photos. I thought it looked okay.


I had hoped to find sites with imagery, since my protégé responds well to seeing other boys dancing (which is why the "Born to be Wild" DVD seems to be popular with him), something that doesn't appear on this forum where there is no gallery, (bragging or otherwise) or links to places where imagery can be found (monitored/maintained by moderators or otherwise).


I'm perfectly aware there are sites out there of an unsavoury nature, but I'd like to think there would be sites that are useful, helpful and inspirational, too.


I'll be more mindful to not link to sites from here from now on. Once again - apologies.




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