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Adult classes in Cincinnati

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I'll be in Cincy on Monday, August 21 and Tuesday, August 22. I'm hoping to find a drop-in class sometime on one of those days. I tried the Cincy Ballet but the only classes are later in the week. I'll have a car so I can drive a ways if need be.


Thanks for any suggestions.



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Here is the website of a relatively new dance studio in Cincinnati




The co-directors are both former dancers with cinci ballet, and one teaches at my daughters arts school.

They have a schedule posted on the site, but I am not sure if that is the summer schedule or the up-coming fall schedule. They do list adult ballet classes on both monday and tuesday.

You can probably email them from the site. (I have had trouble making contact by phone and if you are out of town phone tag maybe annoying.


There is also a studio called ballet tech- but I don't know if they have adult classes another one I can't recall the name of off-hand nor cna I find it when I did a very fast search. The catch with those dates are that they are the start dates for a lot of the public schools, so it maybe registration week in studios.

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Try www.ballettechohio.org


I know they are just finishing up the summer intensive this week or next, but I believe Claudia is planning to have adult classes throughout August. They aren't on the schedule--it's pretty much a group that is flexible as to days and times. We don't know yet when we'll be having class once the SI is over. Your best bet is to call and leave a message for her to get back to you.


She's not exactly in Cincinnati, but she's fairly easy to get to from I-71. Maybe I'll see you there!


BTW, there's a nice article about Claudia and the studio in this month's issue of "Cincinnati" magazine.



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