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First Performance - Suggestions?

Guest Sugardragon

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Guest Sugardragon

Hello everyone,


I've come out of lurking because this Sunday is my first performance as an adult ballet student. I've been dancing for 2 years now. I am performing in two numbers. My teacher says I am ready to perform, but I don't! I'm both nervous and excited. I'll never be a professional dancer, but I am in love with ballet and thrilled that I decided to go back to dancing afer being off for more than 7 years.


Does anyone have any suggestions for pre-performance jitters?



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Hello Sugardragon, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :thumbsup:


Performances are the fun part :P They are what you work for, so, if you are well rehearsed and know what you are doing, relax and enjoy it. :D If you enjoy what you are doing, the audience will enjoy it too!

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The first time I danced in front of an audience, I practically jumped out of my skin with stage fright. :sweating:


Now I look forward to it because performance is the payoff for all those hours of class. :party:


Some dancers like to see the audience and embrace them, others imagine a blank wall out there instead of 500 dance critics waiting and watching for every mistake. :yes:


I'm somewhere in the middle. The night my family comes is never my best performance and frequently my worst, so I don't try to peak and spot their seats.


At least for me, thinking about the audience in advance creates anxiety, :blushing:

but once I'm out there, the ham in me wins out. :thumbsup:

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I never let my friends and family come to opening night. Totally off-limits :shrug: It gets better by the second or third show.


How'd your performances go?

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Make sure you pee before you put tights and costume on.

I live by that rule, especially considering the nerves i get right before curtain.


Cherish the moment and have fun, it'll be over waaaaaaaaaay too quick

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