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Ballets: The 12 Dancing Princesses

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I am looking for a video of The 12 Dancing Princesses as a Ballet. Any help with where to locate would be fantastic.

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Guest Danielle!

I know this isnt what you wanted but I searched for you on google and on amazon.

I ended up coming out with two different things: A book and I also came up with this cartoon version of the movie thats not barbie


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I just came across the Barbie dolls for the 12 Dancing Princesses Movie which probably won't be out til December so little girls everywhere can whine to their parents to buy them the dolls for Christmas

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Thank you all....

I am looking for a video from a company or school that has performed the 12 Dancing Princesses. I would like to see how the Fairy Tale was staged as a ballet.


primasylph...I really like Barbie. I was a Barbie fan when I was a kid (I now have teen children of my own). These video's sometimes introduce children to ballet. It is what makes them want to try ballet.

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I did a google search of Twelve Dancing Princesses Ballet (type out the word twelve and you get less Barbie references) and found several pre-pro schools that show being done last season. I'm sure you might be able to call them and ask if they have a video available. Miami City Ballet also did a version a while back called "The Mystery of the Dancing Princesses" based on the fairytale. I think the choreographer was Lynn Taylor-Corbett.


I'm at work and our new email system isn't letting me do the links sorry I could not be of more help. I know one of the pre-pro companies here in GA did it last season as well.


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Thank you momof3darlings.


I have contacted several schoold and companies. Haven't heard back from them yet. I thought that someone in our vast Ballet Talk community may have staged this ballet.

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Sorry, I had thought you wanted a professional version. Several years ago, my daughter's school staged the story, calling it The Shoes that Were Danced to Pieces (they had the upper class of 10 be the princesses which allowed for a range of ages). The grown-ups were the courtiers and nannies, the males were the princes, one of the older males was the soldier. The younger children were magical birds, flowers, etc. It was cute, but very dance school-ful.

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Do you think that your school would have a video our Artistic Director could borrow or a video we could purchase? Could I PM you?

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