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Choosing a Variation

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I need a variation to audition for Nutcracker at my studio.

Does anyone know of any variations that have a lot of petite alegro and/or grand allegro?

I also like pirouettes, pique turns, and chaines, so it would be a plus if you knew one that had the allegros and turns!

Any ideas? Thank you! (Tell me the name of the Variation and the ballet it is from if you know of any)

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Why not something from Don Quixote? Kitri has many grand variations, or maybe something from Raymonda?

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Dance with all your heart, I moved this topic to YD because it is not about pointe shoes, but about ballet technique and performance. :P


There are lots of great variations from all the classic repertoire. Paquita is good for allegro variation, and also La Bayadere. What variations have you learned in your classes? It would be best to use one that you have been taught, rather than one you learn off a video. You will also need to have the music at the right tempo, so it is best for your teacher to help you with that.

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Ms. Leigh- I wasn't quite sure where to put it so that's fine.

I've learned a few variations from La Bayadare and I liked one of them, but I didn't love it. I also learned some from Don Quixote, but I learned them a while ago... I guess I could go back and relearn them. My problem is that I'm doing a SI right now, so I'm unable to go to the variations class at my studio and unfortunately we only learn choreography (not variations) at my SI, so I'm trying to find something. If I learn one from a video, I think I'll be okay because usually a few days before the audition our studio is open to practice and our teachers and friends give us corrections. If all else fails, I'll just do one of the ones I liked.

I'll take a look at the other suggestions though! Thanks. If there are any other ideas, thanks for those in adavance! :blushing:

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Check into the Paquita variations. There is one that starts with grand jetés, and another one where the first sequence of steps contain entrechat six. :blushing:

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I am auditioning for the NFAA ARTS program and looking for a variation to perform. My teacher recommended something from Paquita because the variations tend to have more character to them. However, when I watched Paquita, I didn't find any that I could really see myself doing. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of variations with character.



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PAQUITA DEFINITELY! But if you're a turns fan, try Esmerelda or Flames of Paris. La Fille Mal Gardee has one with an a la seconde grande jete which is pretty! You could also ask a teacher which variation would be good for you. Good luck auditioning!


Pointebabe, Harlequinade has lots of character. So does Cupid from Don Quixote.

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Along with Paquita, I also like the Raymonda variations. Especially the last one, that starts out slow and speeds up. It is good to show off everyhthing you have, because (in the Balanchine version) the beginning is slow with many extensions and bourres (sp), and the end is fast with many pirouttes. It includes channes, double lame-ducks, double pirouttes, and others.


If you can find a fan, the Don Quixote variation from the grand pas is nice.


If you need something easy to learn, the Prolague variations from Sleeping Beauty are good, but they are short and you won't get to show as much.


Hope this helps!


Does it have to be a variation from an actual ballet? Maybe you could ask your teacher if you could audition with one of the pieces you are learning at your SI.

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There is one from the first act of Don Q with 18 or so pirouettes from fifth if you really want to turn.

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Thanks for all these suggestions!

Balletbum74, I don't like the choreography we are learning at my SI, but that's a great suggestion for if I did like it!

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