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What is the best thing to wear for performances: mascara or false lashes? which is the best mascara, or which is the best brand of false lashes?

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Depends on whether you are on a stage with full lighting, in a real theatre, or if you are in a studio or a very small performing space close to the audience. Eyelashes are always best for a regular stage, unless you really have exceptionally long and full lashes of your own.


There are lots of different brands of lashes, and I don't know that any one of them is any better than another. For mascara, get black, even if you are a blond, in fact, especially if you are a blond! The brand is not terribly important.

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I like to use fake eyelashes and mascara for performances. Also, I always use eyeliner and eyeshadow. I think it really gets more attention to your eyes. Then again, I'm always performing in a real theater with stage lights. If I was performing in a smaller space, regular lights, and the audience was closer I would take a different approach and tone it down alot. A quick suggestion, if you're performing in a theater with stage lights be sure to use stage makeup because if you use regular makeup, like foundation, and dance for a while it could run and make it look like your face is melting :wub: .

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Regular street foundation is also not strong enough for the stage under real stage lighting. You will just fade into oblivion! :wub:

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I agree with Pirouette30808, because if you put on your fake eyelashes and then you put on mascara, it makes the fake eyelashes look more real. However after each performance you might want to gently rinse the mascara out of your fake eyelashes.

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I think that it depends on the stage lighting and what type of dance you are doing in that show/piece. Say if you have to be a "doll" and you need those big fake eyelashes, then I would use false eyelashes. If it is just a nice and soft piece like "Serenade," I would then use soft and pretty eyemakeup colors with mascara. Ask your teacher/choreographer what they would like you to do, just to be sure!! :rolleyes:


Have a GREAT day!!


star_reacher :wink:

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I believe it has already been specified that on a regular stage, with full lighting, almost everyone needs eyelashes if you are over the age of 13 or so. Anyone advanced enough to be dancing in Balanchine's Serenade would certainly be wearing eyelashes!

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False eyelashes can be annoying, but they look so pretty onstage.


If the stage is small or the lighting doesn't wash your face out too much you could go with the thinner/lighter eyelashes. And the bigger the stage and depending on lighting you should wear thicker/darker ones.


The studio I dance at requires dancers 12 and up to wear false eyelashes for performances.

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It's usually better to start with lashes that are not thick and heavy. Be aware that the outside edge will also have to be trimmed to fit your eye. Once you have fit them and trimmed them, then when you wear them you can add mascara to make them look a bit darker.


I strongly suggest that when using lashes for the first time, that you spend some time practicing putting them on! :D

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just make sure that you have enough glue on eyelashes because if your doing a turn, they could fall off. though unlikely, it's always good to be prepared!!! : )

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