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cecchetti ballet in Toronto.


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A girl in my daughter's ballet school is moving to Toronto and would like to continue her ballet of course. She is currently studying Grade 6 and has begun pointe. The studio where she studies follows the usual Australian process of 2 lessons a week if wanting to do exams. She has also been involved in a youth ballet company. If anyone could provide some good ballet schools, that would be excellent and save time when they get there.

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This studio, Sean Boutilier, appears to do ceccetti and is in the west end of the city. As you will see, it is not a place that does ballet only.


You might also suggest your friend contact the Ceccetti Society of Canada at:





Cecchetti isn't as common around here as RAD, but you will find some places. All the best to your friend!

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blochbuyer - Alot will depend on where the family settles in Toronto, how often the dancer wants to take class and how willing the family is to commute to ballet. There are not many Cecchetti schools here for sure, but there are a number of recreational schools as well National Ballet School offers an afterschool program for those who are not part of the fultime school.

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Martha Hicks is a recreational RAD dance school located in the Yonge Eglinton area of Toronto. Along with the ballet, they have other forms of dance and classes during the summer - not sure baout August though. We have never gone there but many friends of my daughters who live in that are have.

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