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are partnering classes seperate from a pointe class. if so what is the formal name of the class so I can look for it this year on the class sceduales.


also in the partnering class it is not just girls there are male dancers too right?


i really want to partner with a male dancer.

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Usually these classes are called "pas de deux" or "adagio" or even "supported adage". The old term "double work" has pretty much faded from view by now. And yes, partnering classes must be conducted with both men and women.

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thank you so much!

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I also have a question about partnering, I have been doing partnering for about a year and a half now and there is a new boy who is very nervous and tries very hard, but when he lifts me, instead of keeping his fingers wide, his nails go in to my skin and it really hurts- i know he's not doing on purpose, its just his nauturale reaction and I don't want to confront him because he's trying so hard to do it right I just don't want to hurt his feelings and the teacher said it would go away in time, but it has been 3 weeks now and he's still doing it- I don't want to hurt his feelings, but he's really hurting my back!- what should I do?

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I think the teacher needs to spend a little time showing him how to hold his hands when lifting. It's not up to you, it is up to the teacher.

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I have a question, too. What is your first partnering class usually like? I had never done partnering until my SI. My first class, we did supported penches, promenades, pirrouettes. The second class we did lifts- like changement, grand jete combinations. Is this usual? Or was I in a class designed for dancers who had already done partnering? How essential is partnering work to your ballet training? When do you usually start? (i'm 15)


too much typing.......

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All classes will vary, depending on teacher and on the level of the students. It does sound like your class may have had a majority of people who had previously received pas de deux training. Beginning people usually spend more time on just having the male dancers find the female dancers' center of balance, and then things like promenades, possibly penché, and preparations for pirouettes. I would also spend time on presentation, like how couples enter together, bow to each other, exit the stage, etc. Lifts would come after these things have been accomplished and the males and females are more accustomed to partnering.

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In my first partnering class we did an exercise where the girl stayed retire, while her partner pushed her from side to side, front and back. I found this extremely helpful (and rather painful, as my partner did not always keep me from falling :party: ) because it gave him a chance to find my center, and me a chance to practice holding my position...even if he was off center.

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I go one step before that, having the girls bourrée to the boys and take a sous-sus. Then he starts with the rearranging. It's a little less risky.

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Guest Kirena

I started partnering when I was eleven, and I was the youngest one in the class (they rest were about 14 years old) so the teacher started me off with easier combinations, like walking with my partner, promenades at the waist, single pirouettes, and supported entreche-six while the other dancers did harder variations of that. I also had a partner who was starting new, so that was nice :grinning:. In about a month I finally caught up to what the others were doing.

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I am an RAD student so my classes are like grade 8, Elementry, Advanced, Pointe. We don't have partnering. We don't even have boys at my studio. Around where I live there are hardly any boys that at most studios boy dance free! So my question when on the RAD system do you do partnering? You don't do it in any of the grades, or the vocation system.

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It fits under the general heading of "additional non-syllabus ('free') work as the instructor shall think proper."

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My school also has very little boys in our studio which is about 3 and they are all younger and shorter or the same hieght than me. Im 15 if that helps 5'1 1/2 feet tall.


My school can't offer a Pas De Duex class if there is not more than about 5-10 boys and since there are a lot of girls wanting to take that class they need a lot of boys.


I was wondering if a ballroom class or flamenco class could take place of a Pas De Duex class until I know if I am going to attend an SI or they start to offer a Pas De Deux class.


In the ballroom and flamenco is not popular in my school with the female ballerinas but, is with the male dancers, so they offer those classes thats why I would take them but, also my hight and age could affect that to I guess.


If haveing 12 and 13 year old boys dance with a 15 year old girl sounds strange then I might not take those classes. Just let me know Im clueless at this point. :P

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