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Guest Can-Can Girl

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Guest Can-Can Girl

I just returned from SFB SI and I had been placed in a lower level than i had hoped. The benefits to this though, was that my technique grew enormously. Now that I'm back in my hometown (after driving all day yesterday) I'm trying to decide where to dance for the year. My studio that I've been at for 5 years is going insane with rehearsal schedules and class hours. I understand it's a good experience but I'm only 13 and i dont get home from ballet until 930 most nights. I'm starting high school this year and don't want ballet to get ahead of my studies. The other studio i have the option of going to doesn't carry nearly as long hours, but is known for building strong technique. But I really, really, REALLY, don't want to leave my home studio. My studio has the greatest teachers, but we rehearse WAY too much, and it wears us out. What do i do?? :shrug:

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This is kind of a tough question, Can-Can Girl. The real question is the best training, and that is the first decision to make. After that, depending on whether you are planning a career in ballet or not, then the hours need to be addressed. Since you are entering high school, then it is time for you to be doing an intensive program year round if you are hoping to be a professional. If not, then I think that the hours need to be discussed with the AD of the school. It might mean less performing, if you have to give up some rehearsal hours. But do not compromise on the training, no matter what.

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