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Russian Pointe ballet flats?


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What did you think of them? Sorry for saking this but, how expensive are they? I looked on the site ( russianpointe.com ) and could not find anything ont them. I know of people who love the pointe shoe, I just have never heard of someone who has tried the flats! Thanks guys!

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DD wears them and really likes them. The canvas is durable and survives multiple washings before developing a hole in the toe or pleat area, usually. She likes the V-shaped vamp, but wishes the vamp didn't come up so high on her foot; that's her one complaint. She also likes the pale, whitish-pink color. Unlike some brands, there's not a lot of bunchy extra fabric to ruin lines, she says. But, sometimes they are hard to find and take a while on order. If you look on their website and find a store near you that carries the pointe shoes, I think they can order the flats, too. Grishkos are probably the most similar, except for the darker brown leather soles.


Oh, you asked about the cost. With shipping, I think we have paid around $25 USD per pair. She hasn't bought new ones in a while, so I can't recall exactly, but not much more than $30. She used to wear other brands that we could buy locally for about $16, and no shipping costs, but these last longer, so I don't complain.

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knock knock


I just bought a pair of these. They come in v-vamped or u-vamp (I find the U and V much more distinct than in other types of shoes), 3 widths and 3 vamp lengths (pointeprovider, could your daughter get them in a lower vamp?) I got them in V vamp, which I really really like, width 2, vamp 3, but I really need a vamp 2, which they didn't have in stock. They were $18.

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My two DSs love 'em. They say they fit more closely and don't require a lot of customizing because there's not a lot of extra fabric. Also said they're similar in fit to Cobras or Romeos, but feet stay cooler. You can feel the floor a lot better, if that's what you like. They don't last long though, not nearly as long as Sanshas or Blochs, for example. Both my DSs like being able to get the narrow widths too. Smaller sizes seem to be kept in stock, but larger sizes (big men's feet) always take six to seven weeks, so orders have to be placed accordingly.

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