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Don't recognize anybody, but I've seen the trailer - it looks dreadful.

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Well if the choices coming up are slithery reptiles (Snakes on a Plane), Will Ferrell and Nascar racing (Talladega Nights) and dancing (Step Up), my dd would still rather see dancing no matter how dreadful! :blink:

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Where there is even the smallest amount of ballet - my daughter is there as well, dreadful or not...I am glad they used ballet instead of another form of dance, dreadful plot aside.

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Seemes almost exactly like Save the Last Dance. Mabey I'll watch it when they have it on basic cable and there's nothing else good on tv.

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the movie looks so dreadful. my best friend (a fellow dancer) and i are going to go see it for the sole purpose of sitting there and critisizing it the whole time. ok so we're a bit odd, but thats what we do.



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The guy lead is also in She's the Man, with Amanda Bines. But besides that I have no clue, I want to see it but it probably won't happen.

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I wonder if itis going ot be anything like the movie "Save the Last Dance" or "Honey."



Absolutely! But hey, why not... though I would prefer a ballet movie :rolleyes:

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there are supposed to be a couple of scenes with ballet dancing in them but probably not very many. some of the people from my arts high school were chosen to be filmed on the set taking a ballet class. im looking forward to the movie just because i know some of my friends might be in it for a couple of seconds or so. :)

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I have some bad news for you - The Company, which starred Neve Campbell, was a lot truer to life in its portrayal of a professional company environment than most other films have been. My question is, why is it that when there's a ballet thread that runs in a movie plot, it's the ballet that has to change to accommodate another language of dance?

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