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Movies: Step Up

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Listening to NPR on the way to school a few moments ago: apparently, some of the reviews are coming in saying that despite the preposterous setup (instead of jail time, guy who does hip-hop gets community service sweeping floors, etc., at ballet school - yeah, RIGHT! How many parents would go for THAT?), the movie is pretty OK.


I'm looking forward to seeing it despite the awful trailer with the tiny girl in class with the much older dancers shushing the guy.


I'm a former pessimist-turned-perennial-optimist (thank you to all my students who've changed my outlook on life): I think that the more movies about dance, ANY kind of dance, will lead more students towards classical dance. Which maybe, just maybe, will increase the numbers of people going to see the ballet. :D

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I'm looking forward to seeing it despite the awful trailer with the tiny girl in class with the much older dancers shushing the guy.


This is awful indeed, but stereotypical for these kind of movies. :D

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Guest pink tights

Thank you DSL--Dd and her friend have asked to go! I'll say a ballet friend advises NO!!


I did see a trailer....I was saying to myself: 'heels to the floor".....

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Mr. Johnson - from the synopsis I read, it seems like the male (hip hop) dancer is actually learning ballet!


Synopsis here


You've been seeing movies HOW long, and you still believe advertising blurbs? :dry:

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I haven't seen it but my dancing daughter saw it today and she enjoyed it enough to see it a second time. She said that the acting was not great but that the dancing was quite good. Of course, she isn't just a ballet fan but appreciates all forms of dance. She particularly liked the last piece and said that it was jazzy vs. hip hop.

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Just returned from seeing the movie with dd and her friend. Normally, I am not invited to the movies but moms went because it was the late show. I would have to say it was very entertaining. Yes, it was very formulaic and the acting was not the best but the music was great and the dancing was good. I am not a dancer so I can't vouch for technique, etc.


It is nice to see a movie where they keep their clothes on and there is not excessive language. Not to say there wasn't plenty of chemistry but neither the moms or the 15 year olds were embarrassed. Enough said.


Pink Tights, depending on the age of your dd, I'd say it's better than most of the summer movies the kids have been going to :thumbsup:

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I must agree with you intheaudience. I just got back from seeing it and it is definitely a pretty wholesome movie by today's standards. There was not much more than kissing and everyone was pretty much covered throughout.

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In fact, they are so covered up that my dd remarked that she would just about collapse from heat exhaustion if she tried to dance in the clothes that the female lead practised in. I think she was referring to the big sweater. One of the funniest scenes is when the male lead first tries to dance in is baggy-hanging-off-his-bottom blue jeans.

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LOVED this movie. Most entertaining dance movie in a long time.

Music and choreography were both fun and enjoyable.


Predictable plot, but who goes to dance movies for the plot?


Adrienne Canterna's name was in the Cast list (but didn't see her). Maybe she was an extra?


I was happy to see the leads DANCE this time. I don't believe they used body doubles.


Don't go see it for the ballet. It's not a 'ballet' movie.


If you go to see it with an open mind on music and choreography and some new dance style tricks, then you'll be glad you spent your money.


I will definitely see this film again.

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I saw the movie today.

It left a lot to be desired in the plot. Admittedly I did not go for the plot but the big holes in it made themselves apparent to me anyway.

I enjoyed the dancing thoroughly, though I would have liked to see more of the lead boy in proper training of any kind rather than 99% rehearsals. I like to watch some development; even if it is contrived.

The trailer I saw led me to believe I would see more ballet.....




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We saw this movie today and had a good chuckle over Hollywood's idea of what a performing arts school would be like. My daughter remarked no one would wear their street clothes to practice in unless they wanted huge stain marks on their clothes. We also cringed everytime her piece was referred to as a "routine".


The quality of dancing was quite a bit better in this movie than in others... for instance Save the Last Dance. However, it is mostly a hip hop style... very little ballet.


Now for ballet dancing in a movie, One Last Dance had some good dancing with older dancers (Swayze & his wife), but the acting/script is really bad.

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We went and saw the new dance movie yesterday - "Step up". The acting was okay, not bad, not great, the dancing was okay, until the end and then WOW! The last 10 minutes of the movie made it worth the price of admission. I think I'll buy the dvd when it goes on sale, depending on the extras. I would like to see information about the last dance scene.

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DD and I saw this movie last night. I was a bit worried, at first, about what type of messeges my DD would get from this with people who were very likeable doing bad things. I really enjoyed the dancing. We just saw "She's the Man" so I already really like the lead actor. Kind of like Fame, I guess. However, the messege ended up being a good one in the movie. I really did like it. DD love it and is the only thing she wants for Christmas.

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