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Movies: Step Up

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Siegelife, would you reccomend the movie to fellow BTers? And was there actual ballet in it? I saw that clip where the litle girl shushes the guy but that's about it.

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sballetgrl I would recommend it for any type dancer. However, there is not really ballet in it, except in the introduction to the movie. The class with the little girl is brief. You just may see some ballet in the back ground a couple of times. Jenny Dewan does more jazz/modern and then hip hip added when Channing Tatem enters the scene. I must agree with intheaudience that it was refreshing to see a movie like this with out all of the added language etc. I also must commend the actors on doing their own dancing. I really don't think they used doubles unless they computer altered their faces or something. I already like Channing Tatem, so it was great to see that he could dance, as well. Definately agree that you wouldn't waste your money seeing it, even without the ballet.

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My daughter went and really enjoyed the movie even though it is not a ballet movie. She was very excited because the jazz/hip hop teacher who taught at NYSSSA SI last year is in it. I'm sorry I can't remember his name - I'll ask her when she gets up (sometime today :ermm: ) - but that might be fun for those of you who have attended NYSSSA or had him elsewhere.

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My Dd enjoyed the movie very much. I asked her about the dancing and she said, "it was a pretty good movie and it was really fun to watch, hardly any bad language and everyone kept their clothes on". Sounds good from this mom's point of view.


She also said that when she wants to see really good ballet she won't go to the movies, she'll go to see the professional company in our town and spend lots more than the $7 it cost to go to a movie with dancing in it.

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We went to see this movie - the acting was okay, not bad, not great, the dancing, until the end was just okay, mostly hip-hop, not much ballet except for the very beginning, and then it was sporadic clips, but the ending was fantastic and made the movie worth the price of admission. The last dance scene was a full performance (about four or five minutes) of a dance that juxtaposed ballroom, modern and hip-hop and was absolutely terrific. There was some violence but little if no bad language and no nudity or even partial nudity (unless you consider a man without a shirt partial nudity!) :shhh:

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Not for BAer's-as no trained ballet shown, lead gal was (dollyd) not a great mover, lead guy was a natural mover-hip hop. Good for fourteen year olds. Hard for me to watch. :shhh:

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I took my DD and her friend to see this movie earlier today. We were a little dissappointed with the dancing, it seemed they were always cutting and most of it was half-hearted practice moves - but it did work for the story. My DD said is was "fun" to watch. I would recommend waiting for the DVD which will probably cost less then the admission price of 2 or more people.

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My family and I decided to go see it last night, and all left criticizing JUST how unrealistic it was. None of us was particularly satisfied with the dancing portions of the movie.

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For what it's worth, there was an article in the July/August 2006 edition of Dance Spirit Magazine.....


The premise of 'Step Up!' is basically 2 dancers from opposite sides of the tracks, who specialize in different dance styles, meet and fall in love. They say it's 'Dirty Dancing' meets 'Save the Last Dance'


At the start of the movie, bad-boy hip-hopper Tyler, gets busted while breaking into Maryland School of the Arts, a ficticious performing arts high school. His punishment is to do community service there, and of course, he meets Nora, a dedicated modern, jazz, and ballet student driven to go pro.

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I was pleasantly surprised with the movie. I figured from the previews that it wasn’t going to be a ‘ballet movie’ so I didn’t hold it up to very high expectations. The thing I was most conserved with, was the ballet that would be included. Sure, there wasn’t much, but the clips they did use actually included dancers who seemed to know what they were doing. That’s my main biff with ‘Save the Last Dance;’ it would have been better if they would have thrown out the less than great ballet scenes and obvious body doubles. I would rather see a movie that doesn’t try to focus on ballet, than do ballet poorly. Also, the dance in the showcase piece (sorry, should I say, ‘routine,’ ugh) was intriguing. It defiantly was hip-hop, but it wasn’t raunchy like schools’ hip-hop around here. I’d say give it a try, but don’t expect to see much ballet.

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I saw this movie with aletheia... there was more ballet in the credits than the rest of the movie! There were ballet classes in the background sometimes but too blurry to see the dancers well enough. I don't reccomend it if you are looking to see some good ballet, pay to see the Kirov instead.

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I just saw the movie and I thought it was fun. I mean, it wasn't an enlightening experience but it was entertaining.

Even though I wish that there had been more ballet it was still enjoyable. The dancing was good and the script wasn't painfully bad like a lot of others.

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