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Hollywood didn't consider Billy Elliot such a hit. It had a limited release in the US, there were no product tie-ins, and starred "nobody we ever heard of, except maybe Julie What'shername." Screenplay and Director Oscars notwithstanding, it had a very slight impact on the American movie public and production people. :wink:

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Guest pink tights

Ok, it was very cheesy and predictable....so are most movies that are target this age group. Ballet obsessed dd and her best pal (a kid who loves jazz and considers 'lyrical' a legitmate form of dance) loved the movie. Best pal's mother and I enjoyed the dancing, predicted the storyline....we just knew 'Skinny' was doomed and dance would change lives! One redeeming quality: not having Hilary Duff or Lindsey Lohan in a starring role....

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My daughter thought I would like this movie and I have to admit I was a little disappointed. Having said that, from a parental point of view, I appreciated the fact that it was less provative than Save the Last Dance. I thought the dancing was fine, though not as good as my daughter thought it was. As others have said, the script was very predictable. There were no surprises. I saw the movie with a friend of mine who is a former professional dancer. We both thought that the movie was entertaining. It certainly doesn't compare with Billy Elliott and is not close to Oscar material. But, in my opinion, any movie that highlights dance in a positive manner is most welcome. Keep them coming!

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Guest dancer4christ

Have any of you seen that new movie "STEP UP." :D I thought it was the best dance movie out there so far coming from Hollywood. It was just innovate and new and exciting to see the choreography. It was about this kid who was always into trouble and one day trashed the Maryland School of the Arts and the court decided that he needed to go back and serve community service there and he ended up liking the school, wanting to join and was eventually accepted into the program. It is nothing like "SAVE THE LAST DANCE 2."

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Guest pink tights

I seem to recall a thread or two about this movie when it was in theaters. If you do a quick search, you should be able to access those threads. Just use the search feature at the upper right hand of the screen.

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I had already merged the 'new topic' started by dancer4 with the topic that had been active previously. :thumbsup:

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The movie itself was not fabulous, enjoyable but certainly not a "good" movie. The ending dance scene was great, I can appreciate other styles of dance other than ballet. Plus the lead guy, Channing Tatum, isn't too bad-looking or anything, hehe.

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I really liked this! I saw it in the cinema with dance friends and I'm going to get the dvd! I loved the dance sequence in the nightclub in the middle, and the dance performance at the end.

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I personally thought that this movie was very good,and the dancing was great!


Sure,there were very few actually ballet scenes,but it was still absolutely amazing.

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