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do you ever get down on dance?


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:blink: i've been looking at all the good dancers on this website, and i feel so insignificant, like i can't do anything, or i'll never amount to anything. i just wondered if this happened to anyone else. you are all talking about doing 8 pirouettes and getting your leg up to your head! i can't do any of that! does that mean does anyone else ever feel like that? thank you for responding? :) and tutu2u!
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It's not unusual for people to minimize their own accomplishments and magnify those of others. Relax and don't try to keep up with others - just compete with yourself. Of course, it's tempting to do otherwise, but don't give in. Make sure that you are getting the best training available, and press on!

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I feel the same way sometimes too, all the dancers at my studio are REALLY good. But, I just remember to learn from them instead of getting upset. Boy, it's hard sometimes!

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I know exactly how you feel, tutu2u. Sometimes I compare myself to other dancers at my studio, and it makes me feel really bad about myself. :thumbsup: When I feel like this I try to forget about everyone else and just focus on improving my own dancing. Also, remember that everyone grows and improves at their own rate, so try your hardest to make your dancing the best it can be, and you will improve. I hope this helps!


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I totally know that feeling, but for me I know that i will never be the next Hallberg(or whoever) so i try to appreciate what it is that they are doing and try to do what it is that I am doing.

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No one knows how you feel better than me, TRUST me! I always am putting myself down and sometimes I think it keeps me from doing my best.I guess you just have to put the talents of others aside and focus on improving yourself.Don't feel inadequate because you can't do something because I'm sure there are other dancers who look at you and feel bad about what they can't do but you CAN.

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Astonishing words everyone! Sometimes I feel that I'm not that great. Just because someone can lift their leg over their head doesn't mean their technique is perfect! Try not to let it get to you.

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About the girls putting there legs to there heads, I cant do that either. I cant even do splits! Im not the most flexible but, you have to remember the stronger you are the better you are on pointe. In my book im reading it says that flexible dancers dont build muscle as fast as less flexible dancers which means that they (flexible dancers) have a harder time on pointe.


The book is called The Ballet Companion by Gaynor Minden for anyone interested.

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And remember, just because somebody posts to a board that they can do 8 pirouettes doesn't mean it's so, or that they don't trip over their own feet trying to do balancés.

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and who says they're good pirouettes ?! :yucky: really . . . .


I'm sure I could develope over my head in a number of ways but none of them involve correct technique . . .and neither do any large number of pirouettes . . .but hey! I can do them! :) see?


yes though, I get discouraged about those sorts of things . . . but then I go watch a company class and the majority of the dancers are doing doubles or triples--so what's the need?

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Hay tutu2u Erica,Me (lexia G.), Madielene and Paloma miss you and don't get discorged i got all my tips off this website and YOU are A wonderful dancer! You were one of our best Miss A even said it! Why do you think you got into the Corps and spenser and catrina didn't for Paqutia. I'm just letting you know as well Stacy wants you to vist her. So please one of these days will you CONSIDER coming back and rember you were one of the best in our age group thats why you got chosen to demonstrate and that's why you were always getting corrections or complements it's because MISS A PAID ATTENTION to you. :shrug:



Love ya

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And remember, artistry is a big part of ballet. (musicality too!)

If someone has perfect technique or loads of flexibility but never cracks a smile or uses her body or is never on the music, they are boring and awkward!

Even if you flexibility and technique are less than perfect, you can still be AMAZING!!! I think it would be quite more enjoyable to go through life always striving to be better and learning new things than to go through life doing the same 8 pirouettes everyday.

Also, every company class I've seen they (including principals) were doing doubles and tripples. And not all of them had their leg to their head.






If you still have trouble concentrating in class, maybe you could ask your teacher for some additional private lessons? I improved so much when I took private lessons.

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I totally understand how you feel. When I look at other dancers that are really good I feel really bad about myself. But my Mom is always telling me to concentrate on yourself and not worry about others. You are there to learn and get as much out of class as you can. Just remember that you love to dance! :wink::o



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Don't get too discouraged! It is so easy to wish that you had someone else's arabesque or someone else's feet, but in the end, I guess, it is a lot easier for us to see our "imperfections" than it is to see the things that we are really good at. I think that, in general, ballet dancers (or at least the majority of those that I've met) are very motivated and self-critical--and that doesn't make it easier appreciate your abilities. Just keep on trying, I guess.


I would also say that, while it might not make your day, it really makes other dancers feel good when you compliment something about them. One day, I had just left a class where half the girls in the class were landing gorgeous triples and I was struggling with doubles on the left. I was sitting after class, feeling really bad about myself, when one of my friends came up to me and, out of the blue, complimented my adagio work. That simple act of kindness really made my day. And it helped me get out of my negative state of mind.


Sorry for such a long-winded post. :o Hope that it helped.

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