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What was this excersise/stretch for?


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During the physical at my audition the other day, we were asked to sit on the floor with our legs and feet parallel and while making sure our ankles were together, try to make a gap between our feet. No one really knew what what to do I don't think, and I certainly didn't know why we had to do it and what it was for. Would you be able to enlighten me? :yucky:

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They were trying to evaluate how strong the muscles and connective tissues are along the outside of your foot, chances are. Why, I have no idea.

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Or maybe see if there were weak or stretched ligaments on the insides of the ankles/feet?



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That could be, too. But, Jim, this is Young Dancers 13-16....

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Okay, I see. They didn't seem to look too closely and they seemed more fussed about it with the boys then us girls.

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