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San Francisco traineeships

Guest lovesjoyajm

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Guest lovesjoyajm

I don't know where to post this, so here goes:


I don't really know how traineeships work, but does anyone know where to find out who got trainee positions for the San Francisco ballet? Do they offer them to their summer students?

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The trainess are chosen from the summer students. In order to be considered a dancer MUST attend the summer program.

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You are right, the website only lists the new apprentices, etc. as I had indicated. I wasn't sure if this was going to be helpful for you, but combined with LMCtech's response, I think we have both learned that one must attend the SI in order to be considered for a trainee position.


As to who was given a trainee offer from the latest summer program, I guess we'll have to wait and see if the company will post this information. I am not familiar with their practices at all. Perhaps someone a bit more local or with more knowledge about this company will chime in.



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I don't know if this is considered gossip or hearsay, so moderators please delete if not appropriate. I spoke to a friend from CPYB whose daughter (a beautiful and amazing dancer) was offered a traineeship to SF last year. Because they felt she was too young (15), they turned it down. She was offered a traineeship again this year, along with one other girl and two boys from CPYB. They are all taking the offer.

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It's the mom, this one walks the line but I think it's ok. :o

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Not sure how many of theses students were on a “traineeship”, but a May 13 article in the San Francisco Chronicle reported:


San Francisco Ballet School 2006 graduates and their future plans:

Diego Cruz Alvarez: San Francisco Ballet Corp

Ludmila Campos: San Francisco Ballet Apprentice

Christopher Mondoux San Francisco Ballet Apprentice

Kelsey Hellebuyck Boston Ballet

Claire Stallman Boston Ballet

Amanda Grimm Washington Ballet

Megan Shoare Washington Ballet

Ilan Kav, Tulsa Ballet corps

Kate Oderkirk Tulsa Ballet

Kevin Yee-Chan Smuin Ballet

Patrick Doe Memphis Ballet

Ashley Muangmaithong Oregon Ballet Theatre



It's good to know that even if students don't make the cut for the company, they are still getting positions elsewhere.

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The company will not list the trainees because they are considered students not company members.

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Guest lovesjoyajm

I can't use the Private Message feature to PM It's the Mom... I have a friend from CPYB and I'm just wondering what he's up to, wanted to see if he got the SFB traineeship but as a new member I'm thinking posting specific names isn't permitted...?

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Generally speaking, it's better to call your friend and ask him/her yourself. Why settle for an anonymous third-hand story when you can get it from the original source?

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Guest lovesjoyajm
Generally speaking, it's better to call your friend and ask him/her yourself. Why settle for an anonymous third-hand story when you can get it from the original source?


I agree - just don't have current contact information :yes:

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