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I can't seem to figure out this ballet it's in 2 acts. It's about a Scottish man who's about to be wed and he dreams of a "diffrent" woman. He's lured away by a sylph i'm lissting to it on a raido station and they didn't say the name of it. One of the big problems is i should know this. :shrug: Does anyone know what ballet i might be thinking of? I really want to know! :blushing::wacko:

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"Les Sylphides" has no plot. La Sylphide is what it's named after. That was the ballet choreographed by Filippo Taglioni for his daughter Marie, in which she introduced extensive pointe work. The music you heard is probably from the copycat version done for Lucile Grahn by Auguste Bournonville, in Denmark. The music was by Herman Løvenskjold. "Les Sylphides" has music by Chopin, orchestrated by a number of different arrangers. Its choreographer was Mikhail Fokine.

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