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Fluid/smooth/flowing dancing

L' Allegro

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This is the correction that i get constantly. RELAX! Don't grip! Don't use ALL your muscles ALL at once! I know that all those things I'm doing wrong are affecting the quality of my dancing. How do you dance with more fluidity? And HOW do you use only a few muscles at a time? I worry that I'll lose something (like straight legs, pointed feet, good posture, etcetera) if I relax!

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There is no easy answer to that, L'Allegro. It can come with time and training, but should start early on by learning to move freely, learning to use your upper body along with your legs, learning to move through space, learning to support the arms from the back muscles so that they CAN move fluidly, and learning to dance through and express the music.


Excess tension stops movement. Therefore, one has to learn the difference between USING the muscles to accomplish the work and over using them and creating excess tension. Most of the excess tension generally shows up in the head, neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists. I encourage my students to spend time alone with music you love, and just move the upper body, head and arms, as fluidly and freely as possible. You don't need a studio or a lot of space, but a mirror can help. :clapping:

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I have this problem, too. When I find myself with excessive tension (usually my shoulders, neck, face) I focus on redirecting it to my core. It helps me to relax my upper area without losing support everywhere else. I've been working on this for awhile rather diligently and I know I've improved but it's still an area of opportunity for me. Basically, I'm just saying that I can see it does get better with practice. :shrug:


My apologies for not knocking in my previous post. I'm an adult dancer and a parent of DD under 13. I didn't realize I was in the Young Dancers forum - I was reviewing all new posts since my last sign-on. When I saw the topic it screamed out at me.

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And then there's isolation. It's a concept used in most modern dance disciplines in which you learn to work and relax different "zones" of the body without doing anything anywhere else! :shrug:

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Guest littlepiggy333

You think isolation in modern dance is hard, try hardcore hip-hop. I've done isolations (head, shoulders, ribs, hips) in jazz for years, but was shocked when in an open class I was asked to isolate the muscles between my elbow and my wrist without using any other arm muscles! Needless to say, I never mastered that skill. :sweating:

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You people are too much! My ballet teacher has been telling me to take modern classes, which I did. AND, I think my teachers are CONSPIRING I get into modern, and my modern teacher corrects the SAME THING! (in a modern sort of way) My mom went over my class schedule with my ballet teacher for the fall, and he seemed particularly pleased about the modern!!!!!!!!!! And, I do like modern. I like the force it has- ballet, done right, should have intensity as well, but those modern teachers! I had Terese Capucilli at my SI, and she was one of the most sincere, forceful, intense people I have ever met. Modern dance seems to let you be a REAL person.




Now HOW did I get that off topic?

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