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Steps on Broadway in the summer

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Has anyone gone to Steps open classes for the summer instead of an official SI for serious pre- pro training? We are considering that route next summer (I know this one isn't even over and here we are talking about next - forgive me).


My daughter is planning to do a great deal of auditioning for next summer, but we are thinking about this alternative for our 16 year DD who would be staying with a number of girls in an apartment in the city.


Thanks for any feedback you can give.

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My DD is currently doing just that!! She absolutely LOVES her STEPS classes, the variety of teachers and classes available to her...she can adjust her daily schedule as needed. :o

(Although this heat wave has caused her to limit her daily class intake) :P

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Thanks for your feedback! Is your DD on the pre-pro track? If so, how old is she? What other SI's has she attended?


If you don't mind telling me :o

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Best wishes to her and to you, as I can imagine you spend some days on "pins and needles".


I hope there are others who will comment in this regard. I would appreciate any feedback from Mr. Johnson or Ms. Leigh in regard to the adviseability of going this route at this stage of a pre-pro's development.


My DD dances with the Pre-pro program in a large metropolitan area during the year and went to Lines SI this summer, which was a great program, but does not fill the summer. Costs for multiple programs are out of the question for us with all other exhorbitant expenses that having additional children can bring.


But, of course, I want to give DD the best possible chance at fulfilling her dream. She puts forth everything she has, so I want to reward that effort by doing the same - without becoming homeless in the process :o

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I agree that STEPS is a great place to dance as a supplement to other training but I would be concerned with only taking open classes for the entire summer. The teachers that I've seen rarely give corrections and the large number of dancers in each class makes it difficult to really get the most out of the center work...especially across-the-floor combinations. Often one or two passes is all you get for each. Perhaps someone could indicate which classes/instructors are better than others in this regard.

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Thank you. In looking further down the list of topics, I was able to find out a bit more information regarding the instruction at Steps, during their open classes. I think it may be something to consider in addition to a summer intensive to fill out the full summer, but I guess it would not be good as the only dance.


...and I thought I had read everything. Sorry for the new thread that could have been a part of an old one. :o

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In regards to Steps and other studios in general -


If you want some attention, etc., and you are new to a class, go to the teacher before class and introduce yourself, tell them where you are from, and whether or not you are just taking the occasional class or you are interested in studying with them. I bet you get a lot more results.


I have taught at Steps in the past and still continue to guest teach there. I expect students to come and introduce themselves to me BEFORE class, especially if they are returning from or working with an injury. Yes, the classes can be very crowded and those of us who work with a lot of professional dancers who come to us on a regular basis feel an obligation to get those dancers together first. I am far more likely to say something in the first class to someone who has told me a bit about themselves - if they don't, I will often withhold my thoughts about their dancing until a second class because many people come in, take a class, and you never see them again. It is difficult to make a MEANINGFUL correction the first time you see someone and since the classes are crowded and the teachers are trying to prepare the professional dancers for their workday we can't always comment on someone new - and especially if he/she is taking a class that is beyond his level.


You might be intimidated, but all the teachers at Steps are truly very nice people!!

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Thank you, this is very helpful information from the viewpoint of an instructor who has actually taught at Steps. That makes a lot of sense in regard to taking any class as a newcomer. :wub:



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I live in NYC, and instead of going to an intensive, I am doing abotut 5 classes a day in Steps open program.


It costs less than an intensive, and I get to take more classes per day


Also, being at Steps with professionals is an amazing experience! And being with adults and in a professinal environment is great.. raises the bar a bit



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Im taking Steps too except after I get back from SI. I just wanted to add in regard to what people said above that at Steps if you go to one teacher's class for a few times they get to know you and actually give personal corrections. A lot of the teachers even do this for people taking ballet for recreation. Steps is awesome!

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I have taken drop in open classes at STEPS for about 10 days 2 years ago and actually I was amazed how much personal attention and good corrections I got. More than in the ballet schools I dance at full time.

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My D will be in NYC for an SI this summer. They will not be dancing on Saturdays and she would be thrilled to take class with Gelsey Kirkland. The schedule states that her Saturday class is an Int Adv Ballet class. Does anyone have any idea what that means? I would not want my D to go into it and find out that it is mainly for pros. Does anyone have any experience taking classes at STEPS with Ms. Kirkland?

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My DD has not had the pleasure of taking classes with her but in the past three summers has dropped into the Int Adv and Adv Adv classes. My DD was 14-16 at the time and is in a pre-pro school. She was the first year a little out of her element in the Adv Adv but has always been totally comfortable at the Int Adv class. They fill up fast on weekends so go early. Buy a card right away the first day (or drop in on another day and get the paper work out of the way). Lots of great classes and she has always enjoyed them.

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