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Ballet Schools- Chicago, or....

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We may be facing a relocation to the Chicago area and am in need of input regarding good pre professional ballet programs. I am hoping to travel there soon to start visiting different schools. Maybe I'll get to see the Joffery's Cinderella too! Any input would be helpful in the metro area as well as north and northwest suburban areas.

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I am from the Chicagoland area. Please let us know the area where you might be relocating so we can help you.

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Well, the possible options are:


1. Living within 30 minutes to the city via el or train. A close in suburb so that the girls have access to downtown cultural arts. Also the possibility of living downtown being discussed but with that comes the issue of academic schools, or the prospect of private schools.


2. Work commute consideration to either Libertyville or Schaumburg. Any schools within a thirty minute drive from these two suburbs is also a possibility.


With the job market being so fickle, my inclination at first was to get as close into the city as possible, even if it means a commute to Libertyville or Schaumburg because it keeps options open if things change. In looking at a map of the Chicago area and suburbs it seems logical anyway. I REALLY wouldn't want to move again with the girls in high school.


If there was exceptional ballet training offered outside these three areas mentioned (downtown, Libertyville or Schaumburg) we might be able to come up with other options as well.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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We lived in the Naperville/Aurora area and my husband commuted to downtown Chicago by train. (You can either park your car at a train station, or have someone drop you off.) The schools are quite good, especially in Naperville, but the property taxes also reflect that. My son took classes at Salt Creek Ballet in Westmont. (Western Suburbs) The Westmont/Hinsdale area is quite nice and I think the schools are good as well. It is closer to downtown, but the homes in the area are pricey. Salt Creek offers Vaganova training. Our drive was about 40 minutes. It would be more like 25 from Naperville proper.


I think the schools in Schamburg are pretty good. There is a concentration of Japanese families in the area. (And a good Japanese grocery store too! :) )


Best of luck! It's hard to pinpoint the best place to live in the Chicago area.

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My dd trains at Faubourg School of Ballet in Hanover Park which is less than 10 minutes from Schaumburg. There is a Metro Train close. The training is great. Many of the students have gone to great SI's and they recieved the best teacher award for the YAGP regionals in Chicago. The training is more Vaganava Based. PM me if you have more questions.

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Thanks everyone! I will be busy checking out different studios soon based on your recommendations. It was so much easier when we just had to match a good academic school with a good location with regards to work. Now we have this very important additional variable and it can be quite perplexing, especially because

ballet is such an important part of the girl's lives.


Thanks again. I won't travel for a while, if anyone has any other schools not mentioned please let me know.

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Faubourg is having their summer show this Sunday, August 13 at The Prarie Center in Schaumburg. This summer dancers will be dancing pieces from Raymonda. The show times are 1 & 5pm.

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