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SOMEHOW I fall or almost fall out of a single


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This has only been happening to me the past couple of months and I can't figure it out. When I do pirouettes on my left, I lean towards the left and end up trying to catch myself from falling to the GROUND :P ! Maybe I'm just afraid of my left and hesitating. Before this problem I was able to do 2 almost 3 pirouettes on my left. Now I am falling out of a single :o Does anyone else have this problem or have had this problem?

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Sounds like you have lost your center of balance on that side. Have you had a growth spurt? Of course that would usually affect both sides, but I suppose it could only affect one. :o Otherwise, I would suggest that you spend some time practicing the relevé to the pirouette position until you can find your balance point again. Then practice it going around the corner, then half turn, then full turn. Spend a lot of time on each portion of this exercise, and don't move to the next step until the last one is solid.

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Spotting could be the also be the problem. Just yesterday my teacher gave us lecture on this. She had us do sixteen single piroettes in a row on each side. It helped me a ton. You may want to try it. Good luck!

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I used to have this problem. For me, it was my center of balance that was being thrown off. I was also sitting into my left hip (my supporting leg) while I was turning. It was easily corrected with hard work and determination.

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I used to fall out of my singles too. Spotting does help a bunch, but my problem was that I'd hunch over at the last minute and throw my balance out of whack. I had to keep reminding myself to stay pulled up as I turned. After I kept practicing, I finally got clean singles AND doubles. :)

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What seems to help my turns, especially pirouettes, is as follows:


1. The Preparation

A. Don't wind up your arms

B. Keep your weight over the middle toe of the supporting foot

C. Imagine a string from your toe to your head and keep your body straight in that line.

D. Ribs in, stomach pulled up and abdominals engaged.

E. Deep demi plie.

F. As you push off, bring the whole body around in one piece, don't allow the shoulder and legs to turn seperately.

2. The Pose

A. High retire postition with your toe at the side (or front, if your taught that way) of the knee.

B. Feel a lifting sensation in the knee of your guesture leg so that your retire doesn't drop during the turn.

C. Keep your first position clean. Not too round, too straight, too high or to low. (Consult teacher, as opinions vary on what the arms should do)

3. The Turn

A. Maintain your posture.

B. Feel your balance, and keep your body straight up and down.

C. Pull your knees up, do NOT let them relax.

D. Bring your head around in a quick, sharp spot (it should be in time with the music)

E. Maintain the turnout of the standing leg.

4. The Landing

A. Come out of your turn purposefully, don't slip out of it.

B. Maintain the turnout of both legs as you go to your finishing position (generally 4th or 5th)

C. Be solid, don't hop.


These are the thing that help me, hope they help you!

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