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Ballet Schools in Canada - Mississauga/Toronto

Guest Hannah-ballet-performer

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Guest Hannah-ballet-performer

Hi, does anyone know of a good ballet school in mississauga, toronto (canada)? we're moving there soon and i really need a good ballet school to attend while i'm there for 2 years!


Preferably a cecchetti school, but any method will be great! also if they supply more than 2 classical classes per week for higher students that would be great! i'd also like to do stretch/conditioning and contempary and pointe.


If anyone knows of a good school please let me know the web address or something asap!




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Hannah, there is the National Ballet School, connected to the National Ballet of Canada. They have an after school program as well as their residence program.

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Mississauga is west of Toronto and just off the metro transit line. Depending on your mode of transit (and whether you will have a parent willing to drive) National Ballet School is a good option, though I should clarify that it is not connected to the National Ballet of Canada.


In the afterschool program they take dancers from 6 to 17 years old. They have 7 junior levels and currently 2 senior levels (the plan is that they add one level each year till there are 4 senior levels). The highest senior level (which we are a part of) is SA2 and they have 2 technique classes per week, one pointe class, one variation and a jazz. Many of the students (like us) want a fulltime program without going into the school, supplement classes with other schools.


Sean Boutilier (see link in the following topic) has a ballet program in Mississauga which I have heard good things about.


ballet schools in Toronto


The other option in the west end of the city (which is lovely by the way) is the Pia Bowman School of Ballet. Though this is a recreational RAD ballet school, it gives the dancers many opportunities to perform. My son's friend ( from Australia as well) went there for a few years prior to returning for university and was pleased with the program there.


If you have a parent who does not mind driving then Academy of Ballet and Jazz (http://www.academyofballetandjazz.ca ) is a very good school. This vaganova based school is probably the best choice, if you have access to transportation to the north end of the city. I am not sure your age but they have a good number of classes each day with variations and pointe. This is probably one of the strongest schools in the city for ballet.


If you like a more modern based school with a community company attached there is the Childrens Dance theater. This is located downtown, so not in Mississauga, but has a variety of classes.


(http://www.ccdt.org )



Alot will depend on where you go to school (if you have chosen yet). There are some public performing arts schools in the north end of the city, as well as Etobicoke School for the Arts which is just east of Mississauga. If you are in the private system, then depending on the location of your school, perhaps you can choose a ballet school based on that.

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Guest Hannah-ballet-performer

Is there a link from the ballet school's website about the after school program? i can't find one. thank you for your advise and Ms. Leigh's.

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The link for the National Ballet School is :


link to NBS Associates Program


There are auditions for the program but there are many dancers admitted during the year, so if you call and make an appointment they will work out a time to get a look at you and decide if you are aright for the program and where your placement would be. It is not by age, but by ability.


The woman who steers the program is named Laurel Toto. She is so very gentle, caring and insightful. She cares deeply for the girls in her program and really do all she can to assist them. She is also incredibly busy, so be patient and she will get back to you if you call and leave her a message.

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A little off topic... but I am an adult ballet dancer for only a short time and wanted to look into a pointe class. The one I am looking at is at Dance Teq and it is a beginner pointe class... how do I know if I am ready for this class? I don't want to be the only one falling all over the place! :D

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Don't worry. The teachers at dance teq are wonderful and understanding. You will not be the only one new to pointe. Try a class and they will be more than happy to talk to you and let you know if the class fits.

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As Millie said the teachers are great and will assess your readiness. Be sure to get a proper fitting for your pointe shoes and you will love it!

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AerBear, there are still several weeks before the pointe classes begin at DanceTeq this spring. Once it starts, it follows the Beginner ballet class (and with the same teacher), so you could attend that class this month or next and ask the teacher what she thinks before pointe season starts. If she gives you the OK, you can head out to buy your shoes!


And I also agree with Millie: you will DEFINITELY not be the only one new to pointe. Like all things at DanceTeq, the levels of the participants will most certainly be mixed and everyone will work -- with supervision -- at the level appropriate to them.

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Hi Everyone,


Thanks so much for all your feedback! Definitely much appreciated. I'm so excited to start pointe, i've literally wanted to do it all my life. I feel much better knowing there will be others new to pointe too and that we can all learn together. :cool2:


Thanks again!

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Doubtfulquest-we have been seeing SCB around the YAGP circuit.I am not a professional dance teacher by any means but I will say they do very well at that venue. Dancers are lovely in thier classical variations.Contempoary choreography very good and the students look to be in very good shape.

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