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I want to be a doctor, but I don't want to stop dancing. my friend is pre-med right now and she said (and I've researched) that med schools are looking more for students with diverse backgrounds. she said that majoring in dance and taking all the science and other classes I need would give me a good chance of getting into a good medical school. I don't know at all what to look for when finding colleges though. does anyone know any that could work for me?

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You can major in anything in college to get into med school. There are required courses-biology, chem, org chem, calculus, physics, and you must take the MCATs. To get into med school you need to do extremely well in your pre-med courses, have an outstanding cum, do well on MCATs. Other things are a bit "fluff", but they do like to see volunteer work and initiative, maybe some research. I have interviewed for an Ivy med school, and what they are looking for (research potential in particular) is probaby going to be different from another that places less emphasis on MD/PhD. Best of luck!

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I think you'll want to condsider a less time-consuming dance major however, a BFA requires considerably more credit hours than BA. Performance-based degrees and programs won't give you much time to take other courses.

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My son is starting to work towards his Honors BSc (life science) this september, with the intent on med school and community service is important (up here at the med schools in Canada).


They told us they are not looking for the students with the highest marks specifically (though you must have a 3.7 or higher), but that they are searching for well rounded students who can do well in their courses as well as join clubs, do volunteer work etc. The point of this (as it was explained to me) was that it demonstrated the ability of the student to manage a variety of things at one time, in addition to their studies.


My son has just arrived back from a month of volunteering at an orphanage in India, and the experince of participation in venues such as these ( dance included) does build confidence and leadership skills which are vital.


Suffice it to say, as long as you can keep your marks up, these types of activities cannot do any harm.

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My daughter will be a dance (BA) major pre med at USF. Chiropractic track so no MCATS needed, but she'll prepare for them. Dance load is heavy plus the sciences. It's tough but can be done with careful planning and scheduling.

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thanks everyone!! I wanted to look more for stuff near Seattle but I guess there aren't really any. I was thinking of maybe going to Western Washington University because they have a ballet program, it's close to home, and I can take all the science and stuff I need....


PK, what's USF?

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My last ballroom partner was in her last year of med school. It is a brutally competitive career path, almost as competitive as getting into a ballet company. She was unbelievably smart. Never had a grade lower than A.


My advice to a dancer contemplating medicine as a career is to approach it exactly as you would approach getting into a ballet company. Keep your ultimate goal in mind with respect to all career and education choices, devote yourself wholly to study, do very well in class, and don’t be shy about getting yourself into places that can advance you toward your aspiration.

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thanks garyecht! I'll keep that in mind. I'm usually a A or B student so I've got to work harder in college...your post helped a lot!

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University of South Florida

I happen to live in Tampa, so USF would be very convenient for me. I was wondering, however, if they have a strong ballet program or not, since ballet is my main focus in dance. Any opinions would be appreciated. :yes:

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Another school with both an established and recognised ballet program as well as a med school is the U of U. Utah isn't too far from Washington.

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You don't need a university that offers a ballet major and has a medical school. What you need is a university that offers a ballet major and a pre-med track. Many fine universities offer ballet (or dance) majors and a pre-med track. You could look at the universities listed on the board and visit their web sites to see about the pre-med track and ballet (dance) programs.


Good luck!

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