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Determining Quality of School

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My home training is not adequate, so I am looking into supplementing once a week with a school about an hour and a half away from where I live. My SI teachers reccomended I take a "test class" to see if their instruction is worth the drive. They told me to look at the school's most dedicated and hard-working dancers, and evaluate whether I am more or less advanced, technically. I took a class in March, but most of the dancers were on Spring Break then, so I only saw 2. When I go back, my mom wants me to ask the teacher a couple of technical questions after class (ex. "I'm having trouble with this ____ step, do you have any suggestions?") and if they say something I know is wrong, then to leave the school. I'm not sure if this "plan" (as my mom prefers to call it) will work. Any suggestions or thoughts?

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Try this link:



It is more focused on residency programs, but I think you will get the idea of how to evaluate a school from it.

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